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    She was human. Beneath him.But worst of all, she was his fated mate. Cormac MacConall, an immortal fae hell hound, has been hunting for his parents’ killer for fifty years. The fact that it’s taken this long is shameful. As the alpha of his family, he refuses to return home to his brothers until he’s avenged their death. Just when he thinks he’s closing in on the killers, though, he stumbles on a beautiful woman in the middle of the woods.Meghan Walsh is feisty. Sexy. But also human and therefore untouchable. Yet he can’t help but touch her. There’s nothing more forbidden and even if it wasn’t, she’s the last thing he needs right now.All Meghan wanted was to escape her overbearing aunt and uncle and to find a place to call home. Too bad her latest ride dumped her on the side of the road. And then she runs into the hard-headed but seriously sexy Cormac MacConall. If only she understood why one minute he’s pushing her away and the next he’s kissing her senseless.But he needs her help and as they track the killer together, Cormac soon realizes that Meghan may be more than just a distraction – she may be his enemy’s most lethal weapon.

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