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    Books Description :

    Ashley Powers was punished.After spending two years in prison for assault of the woman her brother married, Ashley is full of remorse and pain. She’s looking to redeem herself, build a better life, and show her family she wasn’t a mistake. Encompassed in a downward spiral, Ashley isn’t sure how to move on from her past mistakes until she meets a man to show her she is worthy.Declan Hart was hired.Chasing convicts was nothing new to Declan. Making sure they served their time and justice was served, he wasn’t surprised an old friend asked him for a favor. Investigate the girl and find out what she’s hiding. Ashley Powers was young, spoiled, and full of life…Or so Declan was told. The girl he finds is broken and filled with self-hatred.Attraction leads to romance, and theirs promised love. If only Declan can convince Ashley that she too deserves her own Happily Ever After.Newly covered, revised, and freshly edited, From the Ashes has been transformed into HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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