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    From the Publisher This is a quality paperback book of 202 pages, illustrated, with an index. Shortly after it was marketed in early 1998, sales to practicing physicians, medical school faculty, residents, medical school students, researchers, pharmacists, nurses, medical writers and others in the biomedical sciences exceeded 5,200 copies. A Japanese-language version of the book is marketed by Medical View, Inc, of Tokyo under the title 12 Steps to Better Medical Papers. Read more From the Back Cover Guidebook To Better Medical Writing. For everyone in the biomedical sciences who wants to write better and get more writing done. Look for these features inside: How to Recognize the Seven Causes of Poor Writing; The Twelve Most Powerful Words You Can Use, and Why; Three First Steps in Selecting the Right Journal for Your Paper; Ten Questions to Be Sure It is the Right Journal; How to Work with Journal Editors and Manuscript Reviewers; Examples of Letters: Requesting Permission to Use Copyrighted Material; Requesting Permission to Use Patient Photographs; to Submit Manuscripts to Editors; to Respond to Reviewers' Criticisms; More. About the Author: Robert L. Iles is the author, coauthor or editor of more than 100 articles published in such journals as Heart Disease & Stroke, The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. As a teacher of writing, he has conducted seminars for faculty and students at Emory University Cardiology Department; The University of Texas, Austin, School of Medicine, and Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, among others. Mr Iles is a Fellow of the American Medical Writers Association, and is the author of several published short stories. Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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