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    This is a full, unabridged, uninterrupted version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ According to John, read by best-selling, faith-based narrator Steve Cook. It contains no commentary or other human adornment; only the pure, living word of God; profitable for teaching, convicting, correcting, and instructing in righteousness. The reading is taken from the Revised Geneva Translation of the Holy Bible. The RGT is a 21st-century update of the 1599 Geneva Bible. It eliminates archaic and potentially distracting 16th-century words, phrases, and punctuation, while at the same time maintaining the strict attention to original intent for which that version of The Holy Bible has always been known. In scholarly terms, it is a formal equivalency, based on the Byzantine text-type family of manuscripts. At this writing, the RGT is one of only two major modern translations of the Holy Bible to do so. The other is the NKJV. All other modern translations, including the NASB, ESV, NIV, and NLT, use the shorter Alexandrian text-type family of manuscripts as their base text, which excludes passages such as Mark 16:9-20, John 7:53-8:11, and the "Johannine Comma" of 1John 5:7-8, in addition to hundreds, if not thousands, of other smaller textual omissions. In addition, the RGT strives to preserve the textual cadence and poetry that is so essential to Elizabethan literature. Just as in all preceding centuries, Biblical text in the 1500s was meant to be heard and seen, as much as read, because so many of those who received it were illiterate and needed to memorize it and speak it back to each other often in order to facilitate meditation. And so, the living and active characteristic of God's word is very much kept in mind in these recordings.

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