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    Waiting on God Isn't Easy But It's Necessary In This Hour. God Send Me My Husband, is a fiction story filled with Christian relationship advice for women... Meet Lailah, a Christian single woman, struggling with singleness, insecurities, and being angry with God for being single. After going to an old boyfriend's wedding, seeing his new relationship and having bad relationships of her own, she's faced with coming to the realization that she needs to find someone to marry now before it's too late. She desperately wants God to step in and give her the christian romance she desires. Of course, waiting for Him to move is just taking too long.So, she decides to take control and matters into her own hands. She’s not getting any younger and desperately wants to experience the beauty of marriage. She will do anything to be a wife, be in a healthy Christian relationship, and find the love and respect she desires even if it means not waiting on God.What will come of Lailah as she decides to do her own thing without God? Will she get all of what she desires and live happily ever after? Will she allow God to be her Christian matchmaker or will she get the devil in disguise who lies and leads her astray?God Send Me My Husband is a great Christian Relationship help book that have helped so many women understand the reason for the wait and the importance of not being desperate for love. It's a great book for christian relationship bible studies and it even comes with a study guide for personal study or with a small group. Details inside the book.You'll find so many topics on:Christian dating for womenChristian dating adviceHow to deal with meddling family members when it comes to when you'll get married.And more...Page Up and Order this Christian Relationship Book Now. Also available as a Christian Romance Audible Book

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