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    Books Description :

    What happens if you accidentally fall in love with a sociopath?Julianna Winton has always been the quiet type. Meek. Shy. And she has always felt the need to live her own happy ending, assuming that when she marries her husband, Devon, she has found her chance to love and be loved.However, when Devon’s behavior changes from the charming man who once spoiled her with his kindness and attentiveness, to a callous, arrogant, and intimidating husband, something has to give. So, Julianna accepts the end of her marriage, finally finds the strength she has lacked her entire life and breaks out on her own where she finds independence, confidence…and Evan Karlessen. Evan sweeps her off her feet and does something Julianna never thought possible…he helps her find a way to love again. But Devon can’t accept that his wife has moved on and no longer wants him in her life. And, as his anger and vindictive acts grow, Evan vows not only to protect her heart, but also her safety, and prove to Julianna that their love is strong enough to withstand anything...even her ex-husband’s fury. 

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