The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations | ,

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Published in the year 1982, The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations is a valuable contribution to the field of Social Psychology..


An Introduction to Wisdom and Poetry of the Old Testament | Donald K. Berry

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Written for pastors with a relatively elementary knowledge of the Old Testament. Includes accounts of how this portion of the Bible has been interpreted throughout history. Easily incorporated into individual sermons..


Retribution | Prit Buttar

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Making use of the extensive memoirs of German and Russian soldiers to bring their story to life, the narrative follows on from On A Knife's Edge, which described the encirclement and destruction of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad and the offensives and counter-offensives that followed throughout the winter of 1942–43. Beginning towards the end of the Battle of Kursk, Retribution explores the massive Soviet offensive that followed Operation Zitadelle, which saw depleted and desperate German troops forced out of Central Ukraine. In this title, Buttar describes in detail the little-known series of near-constant battles that saw a weakened German army confronted by a tactically sophisticated force of over six million Soviet troops. As a result, the Wehrmacht was driven back to the Dnepr and German forces remaining in the Taman Peninsula south of Rostov withdrew into the Crimea, a retreat which would become one of many in the months that followed..


Evil and the Philosophy of Retribution | Sanjay Palshikar

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What is ‘evil’? What are the ways of overcoming this destructive and morally recalcitrant phenomenon? To what extent is the use of punitive violence tenable? Evil and the Philosophy of Retribution compares the responses of three modern Indian commentators on the Bhagavad-Gita — Aurobindo Ghose, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi. The book reveals that some of the central themes in the Bhagavad-Gita were transformed by these intellectuals into categories of modern socio-political thought by reclaiming them from pre-modern debates on ritual and renunciation. Based on canonical texts, this work presents a fascinating account of how the relationship between ‘good’, ‘evil’ and retribution is construed against the backdrop of militant nationalism and the development of modern Hinduism. Amid competing constructions of Indian tradition as well as contemporary concerns, it traces the emerging representations of modern Hindu self-consciousness under colonialism, and its very understanding of evil surrounding a textual ethos. Replete with Sanskrit, English, Marathi, and Gujarati sources, this will especially interest scholars of modern Indian history, philosophy, political science, history of religion, and those interested in the Bhagavad-Gita..


Resurrection to Retribution | D.R. Richards

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Resurrection to Retribution describes the journey of four brave members of an elite military unit in the dwindling days of the Vietnam War. They were considered disposable pawns in a sanctioned scheme to move a corrupt foreign politician into the United States of America and reestablish his criminal empire. But thanks to the efforts of a colonel nicknamed Mom, they survived. And through fate, they were reunited, each with their own physical and mental baggage. Now they represent a loose end to the government agency that directed the operation. Hunted by their own country, they work to bring the scheme of the past to light. With the help of friends and new supporters, they use their skills both from the past and newly developed to work toward the truth. The experience has forged them into a strong unit, and they stand ready to support anyone that needs their unique skills to overcome their problems. Not as young as they once were, what they lack in youth they overcome with experience and skill. Their journey has just begun and looks to take them in many directions, all fighting for the powerless..


Retribution Reconsidered | J.G. Murphy

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Jeffrie G. Murphy's second collection of essays further pursues the topics of punishment and retribution that were explored in his 1979 collection Retribution, Justice and Therapy. Murphy now explores these topics in the context of political philosophy as well as moral philosophy, and he now begins to develop some doubts about the version of the retributive theory with which his name has long been associated..


Retribution | G. W. Johnson

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Jack Connolly is a product of his family heritage and his upbringing. There was no way he wasn’t going to be dangerous. Jake is half Osage Indian, an extraordinary athlete, a war hero, an expert in weapons and hand to hand combat. He is also a killer. There are times when he is possessed by uncontrollable fury but in spite of all that there are times when he possesses a gentle spirit and a capacity to love. In the spirit of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character, Jake Connolly’s story follows his life from the age of twelve into his thirties as he goes from boy to an elite military-trained man. Jake is heavily influenced by his Osage Indian roots. To the Osage, payback demanded RETRIBUTION..

National security

South Asia Defence And Strategic Year Book - 2009 | General Deepak Kapoor,,AVSM PVSM, SM VSM Chief of Army Staff (India)

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The third edition of the South Asia Defence and Strategic Year Book offers an analysis of defence, economic and social issues that impact regional security in South Asia. The wide ranging perspectives give a deep insight into the factors and linkages that impact the emerging international relations of the region, with particular emphasis on India which is an economic, military and political powerhouse with an expanding footprint in the World. South Asia is a region that is rife with geopolitics. By virtue of its population and location, it is a reflection of the challenges of the interconnected, integrated and interdependent world. Its security environment is relatively unsettled and is a reason for both hope and despair. Its issues, which have international as well as regional relevance, have their own dynamics and trends that need a deeper understanding. The Year Book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the security environment in the region by focusing on an in-depth analysis of military capabilities and strategic imperatives obtaining in the region. Apart from outlining the general security environment, detailed military balance, trends in weapon systems and technology, defence industry, missile and nuclear capabilities and terrorism issues have been highlighted. Growing strategic linkages and independence of nation states make it imperative to consider the region as a whole to incorporate a holistic approach. The Year Book also contains studies on China and other Southeast Asian nations to that effect. Thus the underlying theme of this publication is to enable 'understanding through information'. While the threat of terrorism remains at the forefront of most analyses, the move towards popular and democratically elected governments in South Asia has not eclipsed the existing challenges to governance in all the countries of the region. Poverty and economic disparities, coupled with ethic and social divisions, have created political and social fault lines that have been exploited by non-state actors with their own agendas. Thus we hope to promote peace through understanding by delineating the issues of concern in the region..


Wrath and Retribution | R.G. Taark

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A lone man who carries the name of the Empire's ultimate shame and anonymity, ‘John Smith.’ Stripped of everything from his past, cast out and stumbling through the world he sees everything he grew up believing with new eyes. The harsh realities of his world nip at his flanks and heels every day of his new life, while memories and painful traumas of his old life plague his days and even nights. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Samson opened his eyes with a splitting headache and dry mouth, feeling slightly disoriented from the flooding rush of his life's memories over two decades prior. The series of dreams had assaulted him like the days they had happened all tumbled together. The first was pleasant, but the second left him feeling like he was still experiencing it. It took him several breaths to realize that he was indeed older and these injuries were fresh, not inflicted by the dream. The confusion between the threshold of waking and jarring dreams was disorienting, made worse by the fog of painkillers. He was stiff and sore like he had spent all day lifting weights, not stretched after and then had laid stationary for hours. The glare from the lighting was oppressive, like it was being shined directly into his brain straight through his closed lids. With an irritated groan he turned his head to the left. The stabs of pain, and protesting muscles in his neck and back made him wish he hadn't. Cracking his eyes, knowing he wasn't going to be able to sleep anymore, the three human shaped shadows solidified into Persephone, and her mother and father. Samson's painful irritation at waking up in such miserable conditions quickly turned to confusion as he looked around the unfamiliar room, washed out in glaring light, turning his eyes only. Since everything else hurt to move, including his grumpy waking up face, he decided not to push his luck. Why everyone was looking at him was disconcerting. Why he was in a strange bed was puzzling. How he arrived here was confusing. And why Lady Celine was in a similarly uncomfortable bed next to him was baffling. Persephone leaned forward and shoved something cold between his lips. Her only instruction was, "Open." Curiosity giving way to trust, Samson realized it was an ice chip. The sweet explosion of cold and wet water in his mouth tasted better than any meal he had ever had. The prone Lady Celine was the first to sarcastically assault him, "So Mister 'First Gladiator of the Empire', what has been running through your head the last three quarters of an hour?" Baffled by the question, a different question of his own arrived in his mind. All he could croak through his dried tongue and lips was, "Time?" Lady Celine looked sunken and pale, in her bed. The fluid tubes running into her from every direction indicated 'hospital' of some kind as his brain started coming up to speed. Phyllip grumbled, "Almost time for dinner, and time for you to answer the question.".

Political Science

Transitional Justice in Poland | Frances Millard

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Transitional Justice in Poland - Frances Millard Preview:

In this study of the mechanisms of transitional justice in Poland, Frances Millard asks: How does society come to terms with its past? How should it punish the perpetrators of oppression and acknowledge its victims? In the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe the task of answering these questions came down to the need to eliminate the communist parties' hold over the state, the economy and society in order to move towards democracy. Millard argues that the key step in achieving this was uncovering the truth about the previous regime's past, prosecuting the perpetrators of past crimes and providing compensation and restitution for its victims. Through the specific case of Poland, Millard provides a comprehensive assessment of the mechanisms and institutions used to achieve this, such as lustration, law enforcement through a Constitutional Tribunal and institutions dedicated to dealing with the past such as the Institute of National Remembrance. Crucially, these processes have assumed new significance in recent years after the Law and Justice Party came to power in 2015, using transitional justice as a tool of political control which has enabled the restructuring of Polish democracy..


Retreat and Retribution in Afghanistan 1842 | Margaret Kekewich

Retreat and Retribution in Afghanistan 1842 Pdf/ePub eBook Retreat and Retribution in Afghanistan 1842 Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1033 | Ebook Reads: 1033 | File: Retreat and Retribution in Afghanistan 1842.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 184468590X


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The blow to British pride and confidence caused by the crushing defeat of their army in Afghanistan during the winter of 1841/2 compares in its impact to the disaster in New York on 11 September 2001. The British had replaced a popular and effective monarch with a weak one in the mistaken belief that he would keep the Russians at bay. Two years later, nearly all the British and Indian soldiers in the region were killed in a popular uprising.Margaret Kekewichs perceptive new study of the conflict describes the British defeat, their reoccupation of Afghanistan in the spring of 1842, then their final withdrawal at the end of the year. Her account, which is based on the graphic diaries written by two British eyewitnesses, gives a fascinating insight into the conflict in Afghanistan 150 years ago.The story is told by, first, Lady Sale who together with over 100 women, children and soldiers was captured and imprisoned by the Afghans. The second account comes from the Reverend Allen, a young chaplain to the army that invaded Afghanistan in April 1842 to avenge British humiliation and rescue the prisoners. Both these eyewitnesses deplored the follies that had led to war and defeat and also the suffering that was inflicted on many innocent Afghans.At a time when British forces are deeply engaged in another war in Afghanistan, Margaret Kekewich offers a balanced and thought-provoking new perspective on a previous conflict in the region..


Retribution | Greta van der Rol

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Tensions simmer on a world where Humans blame Yrmaks for their defeat in a recent war. For Celia Whitley, former head of Imperial Security and director of Humans First, it's a great place to incite an interspecies war. All it takes is money and weapons – and she can organize both. Revenge over the Yrmaks who murdered her husband will be hers. Imperial agent Tian Axmar wants Whitley dead – but her boss insists the woman be brought back to face justice. Whitley's trail had gone cold until Tian, partner Brent Walker, and auralfang, Puss, learn of a stolen cargo of heavy weapons. Tian and Brent scramble to prevent a war on one world from spilling over to engulf the Empire. But interspecies war is not the only vengeance Whitley wants. Tian, Brent and Puss will need all of their cyborg abilities to prevent the cruelest blow of all..

Young Adult Fiction

Retribution | Michelle Isenhoff

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Jack was the revolution’s contingency plan. With the assault on the Macron City Military Base shattered, she was to assassinate Governor Andromeda Macron and revert Capernica back to Capernican control. But she failed, the revolution lies in ashes, and the one person she loves more than anyone in the world has betrayed her. Alone in Brunay, Jack becomes an anonymous cog in the vast Bruelim slave economy, where callous wardens aren’t the only threat to her safety. The labor compound she’s been assigned to contains an inmate hierarchy dominated by descendants of the Provocation’s original victims, and they don’t welcome newcomers. But Jack also finds friendship among the displaced laborers, and like her grandmother, Ruby, she burns with the desire to see them all home. More importantly, Jack discovers the key to freeing Capernica from Bruel aggression forever. But even if she managed an escape, how could she leave Will in Brunay, trapped in the body of a Berkam?.


Retribution | Luke Mitchell

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THE VICTORY WAS HOLLOW. Too hard-fought. Too short-lived. Now, scattered and hunted by the monstrous rakul, Rachel and Jarek must do everything they can to protect their friends and keep their brewing Enochian weapons safe long enough for one slim chance at turning the tides. But first, they have to find each other. And with no comm network to speak of and a squadron of galaxy-class killers on their tails, nothing is quite so simple. Harvest has fallen. Earth stands on the brink of destruction, it's would-be defenders staring down the precipice. They won't go down without a fight. But what if their fight was never enough? Grab your copy of Retribution now, and suit up for the thrilling conclusion of The Harvesters Series!.


Retribution | Adrian Magson

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Retribution - Adrian Magson Preview:

Ex-MI5 Harry Tate is back. “Harry. Plse make Grosvenor Square tomorrow 18.30. Urgent. Remember Mirovica.” An atrocity that allegedly took place under Harry’s watch in Kosovo in 1999 returns to haunt him when he receives a summons from an old UN contact. A lone assassin is tracking down all those who were present that fateful night, despatching his victims with cold, skilful efficiency. Who is he and why does he want revenge? If he is to uncover the identity of this ruthless killer and stay alive in the process, Harry must uncover what really happened in Mirovica back in 1999..


Retribution | Steffen Jacobsen

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Retribution - Steffen Jacobsen Preview:

On a warm Autumn afternoon, Tivoli Gardens - Denmark's largest amusement park - is devastated by a terrorist attack. 1,241 people are killed. The unknown bomber is blown to bits; the security forces have no leads. One year later, the nation is still reeling, and those behind the attack are still at large. Amidst the increasingly frustrated police force, Superintendent Lene Jensen is suffering the effects of tragedy closer to home. Everyone is aware the terrorists may soon strike again. Then Lene receives a strange call. A young desperate Muslim woman needs her help, but by the time Lene reaches her she's already dead - supposedly suicide. Already suspicious, Lene's initial investigations suggest that the woman was unknowingly part of a secret services research project. Silenced by her superiors, Lene turns to her old ally Michael Sander to dig deeper. But with even her allies increasingly adamant her actions are a risk to national security, Lene begins to understand that finding the truth might be the most dangerous thing of all..


Retribution | Louis Roquain

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Retribution - Louis Roquain Preview:

Having faced near-extinction at the hands of the N’davalites—a technologically advanced society who consider humans nothing more than a natural resource to be harvested—Earth’s remaining forces are put to the test in the face of superior powers. As the battle for justice reaches the N’davalite home-world, and facing obliteration once more, Earth’s forces must put their faith in the strategic preparation and armaments provided by Elex—cyborg, friend of humanity, and former N’davalite operative. When that faith could mean the difference between vindication and the utter annihilation of mankind, it begs the question: Does one have to be born to humanity, or is it something that can be reached for and achieved? In a journey that reaches beyond the Terran solar system, and threatens to change the way we look at humanity and mortality, it is man’s understanding that stands to take the largest leap forward, in Retribution—the much anticipated sequel to Louis Roquain’s The Harvest..


Retribution | Anne Schlea

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Retribution - Anne Schlea Preview:

Antonia Paige has been ripped out of vampire retirement, and shes not happy about it. Everyone in her life agrees Antonia was given control of her familys clan when she was far too young. And after a couple of centuries of doing a mediocre job, Antonia has managed to vanish from her family and vampire society. She lands at a small North Georgia college with a plan: through scientific experiment, she will attempt to remove the vampire virus from her system. If she is successful, she can be human again. Unfortunately, its much harder for the head of a clan to disappear than Antonia realizes. Her brother Richard wants the crown for himself, but to take it, he must take out his sister. He tracks her down, but luckily for Antonia, a lover she jilted long ago is hovering nearby, waiting for an opportunity to rescue her. Antonia has learned a lot during her years living as a human, however, and she doesnt want to be rescuedshe wants to prove herself..


Retribution | J. Robert Kennedy

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Retribution - J. Robert Kennedy Preview:

*** FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR J. ROBERT KENNEDY *** A CRIPPLING CYBERATTACK. A HEART-WRENCHING LOSS. WILL ONE MAN’S THIRST FOR REVENGE LEAD TO WAR? Two years ago, cyber security specialist Clayton Hummel unknowingly betrayed his country for love, and today, billionaire Franklin Temple pays the price. Blinded by grief and rage, and dissatisfied with his government’s response, Temple uses his considerable wealth to take matters into his own hands, and bring justice to those responsible for the greatest cyberattack in history. And his thirst for revenge may just lead us to war. Join CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane and his team, as they race a grieving father to find those responsible for a ransomware attack that shut down hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, including those in one town, in one hospital, where one young, innocent patient died as a result. From USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy comes another torn from the headlines thriller, Retribution, where he once again takes current events and twists them to his own end, delivering a taut action-packed page-turner certain to leave you wondering who to cheer for. Packed with heartache and pain, hope and romance, and enough thrilling action and laughter to satisfy any fan of the genre, Retribution delivers like only Kennedy can. Reserve your copy now, and be among the first to read what might be tomorrow’s headlines!.


Retribution | Steve Stanton

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Retribution - Steve Stanton Preview:

The follow-up to Reconciliation blends science fiction and suspense in this tale about humans’ quest for immortality—and a son’s quest for justice. Mia and Zakariah Davis risked their lives to secure an activated sample of the life-prolonging “eternal virus” for their teenage son Rix—and while Zakariah survived, Mia didn’t. Overcome by grief, Zakariah is determined to contact her spirit in the afterlife, while Rix wants revenge, no matter the cost. Niko, the teenage clone of Zakariah’s dead sister, has received the eternal virus—and has been captured by vampires who drain her blood nightly for its rejuvenating effects. Rix intends to help Niko escape. And once they join forces, they will go in search of Mia’s murderer . . . This action-packed neo-cyberpunk tale continues the story of Reconciliation, in which “themes of transcendence and family love play out against backdrops of real and virtual worlds” (Publishers Weekly)..