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    One of the best romantic and exciting novels I have read.--Shirley, GoodreadsIn this unforgettable frontier love story a warrior kidnaps an English lady and she finds pure ecstasy in his tenderness.Katelyn Locke sets sail to America to begin her new life as a wife. She beholds America’s virgin shores with wonder until her cowardly fiancé abandons her after they are attacked by Indians. In the first moments of terror she faces her captor.Katelyn trembles in fear as the warrior Night Fox reaches out and touches her cheek. What fool would leave a treasure like this behind? he thinks, bewitched by his tribe’s newest captive. Her lustrous hair is the red fox’s, her silky skin like the yellow wildflower. He yearns to kiss the tears from her cheeks. He wants to taste the honey of her lips.”I hate you,” Katelyn spits.”No, you don’t hate me. You fear me but you don’t hate me.” Night Fox is so close his voice is but a whisper.She meets his haunting black eyes without flinching. “Yes I do,” she lies. “I hate you because you kidnapped me, because you made your slave…” I hate you because I can’t despise you the way I should.He senses her surrender to his forbidden caress. Fox pulls her close, savoring the warmth of her damp skin beneath his touch.She trembles in his grasp, unable to tear her eyes from his. She remembers the taste of his mouth on hers. “I hate you because you touch me.”She lets herself be drawn into his arms. No one has ever tried to comfort her, no one has ever cared enough. Why this man, she wonders, as she bends his head towards her. Why the enemy?BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from RACHEL’S CHOICE by Judith E. FrenchREVIEWS OF FORBIDDEN CARESS4.12 average rating this edition, 110 ratings, 8 reviews, added by 345 people, 30 to-reads, 92% of people like it.–Goodreads4.3 out of 5 stars (16 reviews)–Amazon***** 5 Stars “A LOVE STORY. I loved this story. I recommend everyone to read this book. I look forward to reading more of her. kattie.” 1/31/18 Goodreads***** 5 Stars Awesome Writer!!!!! One of the best, so many struggles, but love conquers all. Must read!!!! Only in fairy tales but the world is a viciously attacking diversity place. But this is a real love story beginning to end!!! Loved it.—Diana Crane, GoodreadsABOUT COLLEEN FRENCH Colleen French has a unique gift for capturing the essence of passion in her breathtaking tales of romance and adventure. A multiple award-winning and bestselling novelist, she is the daughter of bestselling novelist Judith E. French who first taught her how to write novels. Colleen has written more than 130 print novels which have sold more than 5 million copies and been translated into Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. Her Native American novels are inspired by her English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Lenni–Lenape ancestry and her home near the Chesapeake Bay, where her family has lived for more than 300 years. Her books appeal to fans of Christi Caldwell, Mary Balogh, C. J. Petit, Shirleen Davies, Karen Kay, Madeline Baker, Elle Marlow, Ellen O'Connell, Vonna Harper, Judith E. French, Julie Garwood, Caroline Fyffe, and Hannah Howell.

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