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    Download for FREE with Kindle UnlimitedMariam King returns from Rumspringa ready to work for her father. But he has other plans, and as she goes back to life as normal, she suspects the plans involve far more than she's willing to go along with.But caught between family, order, and the Amish way, she wonders if it's best to just resign herself to her fate and marry Caleb, the boy placed in her path. Could it be so bad? But then, could Noah Miller, the one she's falling for really be so bad for her either, despite what everyone says?Her spirit wars within her, causing her to question everything she knows, or think she knows, about doing what's right. Trapped between her parent's wishes and doing what's right, and following her heart despite all the signs it may be the wrong choice, she becomes withdrawn, and starts lying to those closest to her, and the ones she cares for most.But honesty and integrity can prevail, and so can her happiness, if Mariam will only take a leap of faith despite her doubts, and place her trust in something bigger than her fears: herself. Can she find the courage to follow her heart? And will the heart lead her true? For as it says in Jeremiah, "The heart is deceitful...who can know it?" But God is good and Mariam must act soon...Read this new book by sweet Amish romance author Emma Maas today...

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