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    ***** “OMG!!!!!! I Loved this book!...So romantic!... LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this book!” —Tina, GoodreadsA lady portrait painter is kidnapped by Fire Dancer, Prince of the Shawnee Nation, who changes her life forever in this enchanting tale from bestselling author Colleen French.A fast-paced sensual story that will appeal to historical romance fans who want something deeper.—Publisher’s WeeklyBONUS: this edition includes an excerpt from MCKENNA’S BRIDE by Judith E. FrenchHER ARTISTIC SPIRITLady Mackenzie Daniels is a portrait painter with a wild spirit and arrives in the American frontier west to paint portraits of English officers at Fort Belvadere. There she meets Fire Dancer. A red man. A savage. The most glorious man she has ever laid eyes on. She dares to paint Fire Dancer’s portrait against his wishes and scandalously meets him at a cool brook nearby...HIS PROUD BEARINGFire Dancer, Prince of the Shawnee Nation, is at Fort Belvadere to negotiate peace with the King’s Army during the French and Indian War. He has never met a portrait artist, let alone a white woman like Mackenzie, and now a war rages within him. He forbade her to paint his portrait, lest she steal his soul. But he cannot stop her from stealing his heart.When a King’s soldier is murdered outside the Fort, Fire Dancer is imprisoned and beaten. After Mackenzie reveals she was with Fire Dancer at the time of the murder, she is locked in her room.THEIR FIERY PASSIONFire Dancer escapes and goes to say goodbye to Mackenzie. “Let this man in,” he whispers. “There is not much time, woman of my heart.”Mackenzie watches as Fire Dancer comes in through the window. “What have they done to you?”“Shhh, it is nothing,” he murmurs. “We must speak softly.”“Fire Dancer,” Mackenzie whispers. She kisses him softly on the mouth.“This man will never forget you.” He kisses her back, harder, and pulls her closer.REVIEWS OF FIRE DANCER’S CAPTIVE4.08 average rating all editions (former title Fire Dancer), 90 ratings, 5 reviews, added by 297 people, 48 to-reads, 94% of people like it. —Goodreads4.7 out of 5 stars (9 customer reviews) —Amazon***** “…I fell back in time with this book. It made me feel like I could visualize the whole story in my mind. So romantic! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this book!” —Tina, Goodreads”ABOUT COLLEEN FRENCHColleen French has a unique gift for capturing the essence of passion in her breathtaking tales of romance and adventure. A multiple award-winning and bestselling novelist, she is the daughter of bestselling novelist Judith E. French who first taught her how to write novels. Colleen has written more than 130 print novels which have sold more than 5 million copies and been translated into Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. Her Native American novels are inspired by her English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and Lenni–Lenape ancestry and her home near the Chesapeake Bay, where her family has lived for more than 300 years. Her books appeal to fans of Christi Caldwell, Mary Balogh, C. J. Petit, Shirleen Davies, Karen Kay, Madeline Baker, Elle Marlow, Ellen O'Connell, Vonna Harper, Judith E. French, Julie Garwood, Caroline Fyffe, and Hannah Howell.

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