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    From the Back Cover Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines: The Pursuit of Excellence, 6/e Edward Jay Friedlander, University of South Florida John Lee, University of Memphis   Using experience-driven advice and compelling articles from scores of newspaper and magazine writers, Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines shows how award-winning journalists achieve excellence and national recognition.   This text helps students cultivate vital journalistic skills with a thorough discussion about creating and refining article ideas, conducting research and interviews, writing, and navigating legal and ethical questions. Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines includes advice and examples from award-winning writers, 28 of whom have won the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. World-class writing examples, extensive updates, and timely tips from some of America's best feature and magazine writers have made this the premier text in its field for more than two decades.   Features: Combines clear explanations of each step in the writing process with a wide range of stories from some of the country's best feature writers. Accompanies every writing example with a careful analysis of the author's writing technique. Provides biographies of award-winning journalists and case history comments and writing tips from the writers themselves. Includes coverage of the libel and privacy laws and ethical considerations important to every potential newspaper and magazine writer in search of true excellence.   New to this Edition: Features new excerpts from three Pulitzer Prize-winning feature articles, as well as interviews with their writers, to promote better writing by providing some of the best examples available. Includes a new National Magazine award-winner, a 2005 science essay from the Phi Beta Kappa magazine, and introduces “The Essay”—a writing form not previously discussed (Ch. 8). Examines the work of the first Hispanic Pulitzer Prize-winner to provide students with examples of the challenges of writing the same story in two languages (Ch. 7). Explains Internet-based multimedia techniques in feature and magazine writing to prepare students for converged newspapers and magazines by using the 2006 Pulitzer Prize-winner for feature writing (Ch. 7).   Read more

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