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    14 IndieFab Award winner for Multicultural Adult Fiction.When the apocalypse strikes, nine-year-old Letitia Johnson gathers her five-year-old sister and her sister's classmates and hides them all in a school bathroom. Five days later, after hunger finally drives the small group out of hiding, Letitia finds herself in an evacuated Bronx, desperately improvising a strategy for survival.Distrustful of the small groups of heavily-armed adults that remained behind, Letitia is forced into a sudden, awkward, and clumsy adulthood as she tries to keep twelve kindergarteners together and alive, learning and teaching the new skills they need as she goes. Letitia's toolkit for this adulthood is sparse: vague and contradictory statements from a series of foster parents, poorly understood religious lessons from televangelists, and survival skills gleaned from television shows. When Letitia finally turns to one group of adults for help, she finds that they aren't even doing as well as she is.Reminiscent of "The Walking Dead" and "Lord of the Flies," this is a horror novel for adults.

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