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    From the outside looking in, the Thomas’ appear to be the perfect couple of the church. Meet forty-three-year-old Pastor Michelle Thomas, married to big-time television host Jacob Thomas. Jacob was one of the highest paid Christian hosts in the region. He also served as reverend before his switch to television. Michelle took her calling to serve God and the congregation seriously, so much so that she began to neglect her husband. One September evening she decided to pop up at CNT studio to surprise him with dinner. Nothing could have prepared her for what she witnessed upon her arrival. That night she learned that Jacob had more than scripts on his desk. Shocked and hurt, she refused to let the devil disturb her peace.As time moved forward another secret of Jacob’s came to light testing her faith. Will she be the forgiving wife and woman of the cloth, or will she turn into a woman scorned? Get ready for a story of faith, karma, and forgiveness. ​

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