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    Review '...Hemp as a building material is one of the most important uses of this plant. Essential Hempcrete Construction explains this new technology in a clear and concise manner. With this information anyone wanting to use this material will have a great starting point.' -Steve Allin, Director, International Hemp Building Association and author, Building with Hemp 'In a field that is often beset with more wishful thinking than honest appraisal, Essential Hempcrete Construction stands out as a well-researched in investigation into the potential and promise of hemp-lime systems in the contemporary built-environment.' -Tim Callahan, co-author, Building Green and founding partner at Alembic Studio, LLC 'Hempcrete/hemp-lime construction is one of the simplest and most effective and affordable solutions for sustainable, healthy and energy efficient building available to mainstream builders and self-help enthusiasts alike. Magwood has years of experience of natural building and sound construction practice so this book provides excellent, well-illustrated, guidance.' -Tom Woolley, author, Building Materials, Health and Indoor Air Quality; Low Impact Building ; and Hemp-Lime Construction ' Essential Hempcrete Construction is an informative and easy to read guide/instruction manual to building with hemp-lime. Magwood has been able to simplify the data for us and compare costs to other conventional building materials, he has also managed to keep it brief and to-the-point so as to quickly help us make an informed decision to build with hemp-lime or not. This book is a time (and money) saver - worth every penny.' -Greg Flavall, Hemp Technologies Collective ' Essential Hempcrete Construction is an exciting manual for homeowners, building teachers, building officials and contractors. Filled with photos and drawings that help all of us make choices that are ultimately going to support long lasting buildings. Solid and fun to read.' -Sukita Reay Crimmel, coauthor, Earthen Floors 'Chris Magwood has combined his deep understanding of building science with some fortuitous hands-on experience of working with hempcrete to craft this timely and detailed guide to the essentials of hempcrete construction. By simply mixing the lightweight core of hemp stalks (an agricultural byproduct) with lime it is possible to make an insulating material that can handle moisture without decomposing, has good structural qualities and thermal performance, is nontoxic and fire resistant, naturally sequesters carbon, and is ultimately completely recyclable. With the successful use of hempcrete in Europe for over a decade, hopefully this book will help usher in a new era of industrial hemp production in North America.' -Kelly Hart, 'Chris Magwood's easy-to-read, thoughtful, and practical book on building with hempcrete is a must-have for my work as a designer and builder focused on resilient, natural, and low carbon construction. In a world increasingly threatened by climate change, practical solutions are needed now to lower our collective ecological impact as a building trade. Essential Hempcrete Construction is a critical tool in our toolkits.' -Ace McArleton, coauthor, The Natural Building Companion , and cofounder, New Frameworks Natural Design/Build LLC 'It's amazing to me that, in the 21st century, we still have to educate people about the many uses for industrial hemp. With this book, Chris Magwood presents an irrefutable endorsement for hemp. It's simple common sense for building a better future-literally!' -Dan Skye, editor-in-chief, High Times magazine. ' Essential Hempcrete Construction provides an excellent pathway towards creating buildings that are more ecologically sound, healthful, and beautiful. This guide is amazingly comprehensive – materials, techniques, costs, building science, illustrations, recipes, pros and cons and more – yet concise and readable. Great information for experienced natural builders as well as do-it-yourself neophytes.' -Gayle Borst, Registered Architect, Pres/CEO of Stewardship, Inc., and founding member, Design~Build~Live Read more Book Description The essential guide to hempcrete - a strong, versatile, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient natural insulating material Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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