Dual Notebook Blank Lined Half Letter Size Notebook With Lined And Blank Pages Alternating 5 5 X 8 5 140 Pages 70 Narrow Ruled 70 Blank Grey Soft Cover Blank Line Journal M Volume 1 Pdf Pdf Free

    Download Dual Notebook Blank & Lined: Half Letter Size Notebook with Lined and Blank Pages Alternating, 5.5 x 8.5, 140 Pages (70 Narrow Ruled + 70 Blank), Grey Soft Cover (Blank & Line Journal M) (Volume 1) and read Dual Notebook Blank & Lined: Half Letter Size Notebook with Lined and Blank Pages Alternating, 5.5 x 8.5, 140 Pages (70 Narrow Ruled + 70 Blank), Grey Soft Cover (Blank & Line Journal M) (Volume 1) online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

    Books Description :

    Here comes the notebook that is truly friendly to your writing, drawing, and learning with visuals! This “Dual Notebook Blank & Lined” comes with blank pages and ruled pages in one same notebook. The dual format pages leave excellent space for sketching in cool things such as illustrations, doodlings, charts, etc. on one side and written notes on the other. There are total 140 non-perforated pages, which consist of 70 blank pages on the left and 70 narrow ruled pages on the right, plus all these wonderful features! The book size is 5.5 x 8.5 inches with empty blank pages and narrow spacing (0.25 inch) lined pages alternating.[This notebook is also available in 2 other sizes; 8.5 x 11 inches Wide Ruled (ISBN 1975695186) and 7 x 10 inches College Ruled (ISBN 1975695305). You can search the ISBN to find the size you need.] Every lined page comes with its page number, so you can optionally make your own table of contents or index pages for the book, which is great for writing in chapters or taking consequential notes. You can also look up the contents you want to read easily in no time. The book soft cover is laminated with matte finish that helps firm your grips, repels liquid, and also toughens the paperback cover, so your important notes will stay with you longer. The paperback also makes the book flexible, so it can be written on even when you are in a small desk. The book industry standard binding with spine (the same binding as most paperback books in the libraries.) allows the book to be stored neatly on shelf, possibly alongside other books that you have, so you can not only organize your notes, but also the places that you keep them. The book weight is light enough for your carrying along, so it can be an on-the-go companion for your studies, travelings, as well as any drawing and writing endeavors anywhere. The lines are in light grey so they are less distracting when you read or write, while they can guide your writing perfectly. The combination of blank and lined pages makes the book great for all writing and drawing related pursuits. All lines are printed on white paper that is thicker than general lined notebooks, so this book can be used with more variety of pens, giving you the ability to design your note-taking and drawing with your own taste. (Extra blank sheets may still be required in case of using it with some marker pens.) Now available in 4 colors that you can choose from; Grey (1975695550), which is this book Blue (1975695593) Pink (1975695623) Red (1975695658) [Simply copy and paste a line in the search box to find the one you need.] If you are a visual learner or a journal artist, and looking for a tool to get your inspirations done, let “Dual Notebook Blank & Lined” helps you take notes and sketches all in one place, and experience the flexible potential of pen to paper, that no technology can match!!

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