Dreaming Of A Daughter A Michigan Mother S Memoir Of Miracles Pdf Free

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    Review 'YOU CAN FEEL THE LOVE, PASSION AND STRENGTH in Amy's words, as she gives a heartfelt account of her loving quest to raise a daughter. Her story is an honest look at the trials, tribulations and heartwarming rewards of adoption. Her faith-filled journey will lift you up and bring tears of joy to your eyes.' - Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva, Author of 'Canning Full Circle' and 'The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning''AN ENTHRALLING TESTIMONY of patience, perseverance, love, and faith. A wonderful example of what can happen once we finally learn to surrender to God. To let go and let God. It is a witness to the truth that God may not be there when you want Him, but He is always on time.' - Reverend Tom Evans (Amy's pastor during the adoption process) Read more About the Author Amy Campbell Patterson was born and raised along the shores of Lake Michigan. She wrote professional legal briefs for nearly twenty years before electing to write personal stories instead. In 2012, the author adopted the daughter she had always dreamed of. One year later, she was inspired to move her large family (of eight) to Hawaii, with not much more than the shirts on their backs. This book details those two life-changing experiences...and explains to readers how they, too, can make their wildest dreams come true. Read more

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