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    Raised by her God-fearing adopted grandparents, they are all tested when young Grace ends up pregnant at the age of fifteen. The one church that she had grown to love didn’t seem so loving of her anymore. That plus the humiliation from the one person she thought she could trust, her grandmother, was enough to make her run away and never look back.Grace runs into the arms of a smooth talker by the name of Kareem, who talks her into working for him. She wonders why life just isn’t adding up for her when she feels she has everything she could ever want. Little does she know, she has the blood of Jesus still running warm through her veins, and his grace saves her from the deadliest downfall of her life. Tracy is the daughter of Pastor Troy and the most sought-after member of the New Saint Light Church women’s ministry. The ministry is growing by the day, and Tracy feels she has it all together. There’s one problem, though.She gives majority of her time to the church, and she makes it her business to live accordingly, so Tracy spends a good amount of her days wondering why God has yet to send her Boaz. That is until a new member, Pete, joins church and she believes in her heart that he is heaven sent to her. One day, when Pete trails in with the infamous Pink Kitty, Grace, behind him, Tracy becomes consumed with envy and makes it her business to show Pete exactly who she is.They say, “If you dig one ditch, you better dig two. ’Cause the trap you set just may be for you.”

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