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    A fun sweet & sexy romance.-Everything in my life was exactly how I wanted it, until Kevin needed a favor from me. He had to go on a sudden business trip and he wanted me to house his daughter. She was down from England.Hell, I needed a teenager living with me like I needed a hole in my head. I had a hot date lined up that night as well, but Kevin and I go a long way back, so I reluctantly agreed.I tried to remember Madison. Skinny, braces, pigtails, so shy she couldn't look me in the eye.Then I go to his house to pick her up and this sexy blonde bombshell comes down the stairs and WHOA! What can I say?I know it's wrong. She's my best friend's daughter. It could ruin everything, but I don't care. I can't resist the temptation.I need to whisper in her ear: You're Daddy's girl now.

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