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    The boy who chased the unusually pretty little girl around the lawn in her back yard was Robert, her stepson. He was such a good-looking boy, she thought with pleasure. She loved it when he wore those cut-off jeans.The cute, bouncy blonde girl was from the house next door. Dawn Hanson was a few months younger than Robert. Marcia thought she was the cutest, sweetest creature she had ever seen: The lovely girl had coltish thighs that were well-tanned and shapely with her little girl figure. She loved the way Dawn's short skirt swirled about her hips as she ran from Robert, giggling and laughing. Now and then Marcia caught a shivery peek at the tight panties.Marcia was thirty years old, and looked as she had in her teens. She was very beautiful, she knew, and could easily attract any man she wanted. But it wasn't a man Marcia wanted; it was young boys and girls like Robert and Dawn. The sheer innocence of them caught her imagination and made her think of ways to teach them how great f**king was.She knew that Dawn's father, Bret, was trying to raise Dawn alone, that he was a widower and only a few years older than she. He was a good provider, she knew, otherwise he would not have been able to live in this particular neighborhood. It was not a wealthy area, but anyone earning less than three thousand a month could not possibly live here. Marcia was fortunate in that she had an income from her late father. She had no need to work, but found it lonely on the days her stepson was in school.She watched Robert catch Dawn and wrestle her to the ground. Dawn fell, giggling and kicking, her skirt about her waist. Marcia sucked in a lung full of air as she saw the tight curves of Dawn's pa*ties. Her own skin began to throb in a way that was stronger than ever before. She gazed hotly at Dawn's exposed thing, tingling all over.

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