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    Download Daddy’s Best Friend: A Spoiled Brat Series (Book 1) and read Daddy’s Best Friend: A Spoiled Brat Series (Book 1) online books in format PDF. Get also books in EPUB and Mobi Format. Check out other translated books in French, Spanish languages.

    Books Description :

    Audrina Price is popular, beautiful, and a total spoiled brat. The only thing she doesn’t have? A father who gives her the love and attention she craves. But she does have his credit card. The summer before college, Audrina decides to flex her spending limits, finally getting her father’s attention. Angered by her flagrant spending, her father calls on his best friend, Bradford Pena, for help. Bradford is an ex-Navy Seal, and knows how to a deal with troubled teens. Audrina is to stay at Bradford’s Upper East Side home for a whole week, enduring his training techniques. Audrina wants to fight back against this injustice, but Bradford’s techniques are making her absolutely melt, into a sweet submissive girl. And she likes it. To her dismay, she finds she also enjoys the punishments. Is he seducing her, or is it just Audrina’s imagination? She desperately hopes he’s as turned on as she is, but isn’t sure that Bradford would cross the line. He’s her dad’s best friend. He wouldn’t...right? Find out in "Daddy’s Best Friend", the first story in the “Spoiled Brat Series”! This taboo erotic story contains light bondage, spanking, and Daddy dom. Read at your own risk!

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