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    For as long as she can remember, Ancelin has felt as if she were living a life not her own - confined to an ill-fitting, somewhat empty existence. One she'd come to terms with.Now though, something is wrong. She can't see it, she can't touch it, but something sinister is there, lurking in the shadows, determined to consume her... if she lets it.Ancelin loves the paranormal, the fairy tales, the dark fantasies she's read about in books and watched on a screen - all the things her sister wishes Ancelin would stop insisting were more than stories.But what if they really are?What if this is the story, and something - someone - is waiting on the chance to drag her back to real life?(Coveted is a paranormal romance, ending in a cliffhanger that leads into the next book of the series, which will follow a different couple. It is a novella, roughly the same length as "Haunted", which you are highly encouraged to read (or re-read) first.)

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