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"This thrilling testament to a mother's relentless love may well be Scottoline's best novel to date."-Library Journal (starred review) Jill Farrow is a suburban mom who has finally gotten her and her daughter's lives back on track after a divorce. She loves being a pediatrician and is about to remarry, while her daughter, Megan, is a happily over-scheduled thirteen-year-old. But Jill's life is turned upside down when her ex-stepdaughter, Abby, shows up and delivers shocking news: Jill's ex-husband is dead. Abby insists that he was murdered-and pleads with Jill to help find his killer. Jill reluctantly agrees to make a few inquiries, and soon discovers that the story doesn't add up...As she digs deeper, her actions threaten to rip apart her new family, destroy their hard-earned happiness, and even endanger her own life. Yet how can Jill turn her back on a child she loves and once called her own? What are the limits of love, loss, and family? "Relentless...jaw-dropping."-David Baldacci.


Time For Me to Come Home | Dorothy Shackleford,Travis Thrasher

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NOW THE HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES ORIGINAL TIME FOR ME TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! The fireplace is lit, the snow is falling, and sleigh bells echo in the distance—it’s Christmas, and it’s time to come home in this charming holiday novel based on Dorothy Shackleford and Blake Shelton’s hit song. Thirty-five-year-old Heath Sawyer has finally made it to the big-time as a country music star. After a year full of the kind of success he could only dream of, it’s December 23, and he’s headlining a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. It’s only as the lights on the stage go down and the Christmas lights outside come on that Heath realizes there’s just one place he wants to be for the holidays: back home in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. But journeying anywhere on Christmas Eve is never easy, and with flight delays, inclement weather, and the unexpected company of a feisty young woman who’s about to become his traveling companion, Heath will need a Christmas miracle to make his way home in time to open presents. Filled with touching anecdotes inspired by the real holiday memories of Blake Shelton and Dorothy Shackelford, Time for Me to Come Home is a sweet and funny story that celebrates the spirit of Christmas and the true meaning of finding your way back home. “It’s funny how going back can get you back to where you belong. It’s the difference between just a melody and my favorite Christmas song.”.


Reader, Come Home | Maryanne Wolf

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The author of the acclaimed Proust and the Squid follows up with a lively, ambitious, and deeply informative book that considers the future of the reading brain and our capacity for critical thinking, empathy, and reflection as we become increasingly dependent on digital technologies. A decade ago, Maryanne Wolf’s Proust and the Squid revealed what we know about how the brain learns to read and how reading changes the way we think and feel. Since then, the ways we process written language have changed dramatically with many concerned about both their own changes and that of children. New research on the reading brain chronicles these changes in the brains of children and adults as they learn to read while immersed in a digitally dominated medium. Drawing deeply on this research, this book comprises a series of letters Wolf writes to us—her beloved readers—to describe her concerns and her hopes about what is happening to the reading brain as it unavoidably changes to adapt to digital mediums. Wolf raises difficult questions, including: Will children learn to incorporate the full range of "deep reading" processes that are at the core of the expert reading brain? Will the mix of a seemingly infinite set of distractions for children’s attention and their quick access to immediate, voluminous information alter their ability to think for themselves? With information at their fingertips, will the next generation learn to build their own storehouse of knowledge, which could impede the ability to make analogies and draw inferences from what they know? Will all these influences, in turn, change the formation in children and the use in adults of "slower" cognitive processes like critical thinking, personal reflection, imagination, and empathy that comprise deep reading and that influence both how we think and how we live our lives? Will the chain of digital influences ultimately influence the use of the critical analytical and empathic capacities necessary for a democratic society? How can we preserve deep reading processes in future iterations of the reading brain? Who are the "good readers" of every epoch? Concerns about attention span, critical reasoning, and over-reliance on technology are never just about children—Wolf herself has found that, though she is a reading expert, her ability to read deeply has been impacted as she has become, inevitably, increasingly dependent on screens. Wolf draws on neuroscience, literature, education, technology, and philosophy and blends historical, literary, and scientific facts with down-to-earth examples and warm anecdotes to illuminate complex ideas that culminate in a proposal for a biliterate reading brain. Provocative and intriguing, Reader, Come Home is a roadmap that provides a cautionary but hopeful perspective on the impact of technology on our brains and our most essential intellectual capacities—and what this could mean for our future..


Elsey Come Home | Susan Conley

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ONE OF THE “BEST WOMEN’S FICTION OF 2019 (SO FAR)”—MARIE CLAIRE ONE OF THE “61 BOOKS WE’RE LOOKING FORWARD TO READING IN 2019”—THE HUFFINGTON POST ONE OF THE “16 FICTION RELEASES TO WATCH FOR”—WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF BOOKS ONE OF THE “BEST NEW BOOKS COMING OUT WINTER 2019”—SOUTHERN LIVING ONE OF THE “10 NEWLY-RELEASED BOOKS THAT WILL GIVE YOU AN EXCUSE TO STAY INDOORS THIS WINTER”—O MAGAZINE “I loved, loved this novel” —Lily King “What more can I say—perfect” —Judy Blume “In this intricate, delicate-as-rice-paper novel, an American painter living in Beijing and trying to clean up her act at a yoga retreat makes gains in fits and starts, ‘a butterfly, flitting from leaf to leaf.’”—O Magazine From the widely praised author of Paris Was the Place—a shattering new novel that bravely delves into the darkest corners of addiction, marriage, and motherhood When Elsey’s husband, Lukas, hands her a brochure for a weeklong mountain retreat, she knows he is really giving her an ultimatum: Go, or we’re done. Once a successful painter, Elsey set down roots in China after falling passionately for Lukas, the tall, Danish MC at a warehouse rave in downtown Beijing. Now, with two young daughters and unable to find a balance between her identities as painter, mother, and, especially, wife, Elsey fills her days worrying, drinking, and descending into desperate unhappiness. So, brochure in hand, she agrees to go and confront the ghosts of her past. There, she meets a group of men and women who will forever alter the way she understands herself: from Tasmin, another (much richer) expat, to Hunter, a young man whose courage endangers them all, and, most important, Mei--wife of one of China’s most famous artists and a renowned painter herself--with whom Elsey quickly forges a fierce friendship and whose candidness about her pain helps Elsey understand her own. But Elsey must risk tearing herself and Lukas further apart when she decides she must return to her childhood home--the center of her deepest pain--before she can find her way back to him. Written in a voice at once wry, sensual, blunt, and hypnotic, Elsey Come Home is a modern odyssey and a quietly dynamic portrait of contemporary womanhood..


Catholics Can Come Home Again! | Carrie Kemp

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A handbook for welcoming inactive Catholics back to membership or participation in a parish community..


Come Home | James MacDonald

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The prodigal. The wanderer. The skeptic. The rebel. Each of us knows someone who has walked away from God, and it is heartbreaking and bewildering. We wonder how to reach out to them and bring them back, but often it seems impossible. Maybe you yourself are the one who has walked away and sees little reason to return to faith and the church. This book's invitation is this: Come home. It invites the departed to return and offers the promise of the gospel—that all wrongs and sins can be forgiven through Jesus. There is no expiration on the promise of forgiveness and the open arms of Christ, so no matter how long the wanderer has wandered, he or she is still welcome. All hurts can be healed, all brokenness mended. Just come home. Whether you are a family member or friend of the prodigal, or whether you are that person, this book offers hope and an open invitation to return the safety of forgiveness and restoration in Jesus..

Biography & Autobiography

Till the Cows Come Home | Sara Cox

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THE UPLIFTING AND HEARTWARMING LOVE LETTER TO FAMILY AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS 'Cox is a natural storyteller... she brings that authentic voice to bear in her memoir. The tone is so intimate, chatty and friendly, so you feel as though she could be sitting next to you' Hannah Beckerman, Daily Express 'endearing, engaging and very funny' Mirror 'Coxy's memoir about growing up on a farm is as funny as you'd expect, genuinely touching and has some excellent 80s and 90s details. Her love of animals is infectious' Alexandra Heminsley, Grazia 'The book is like a big warm hug, full of local characters and misadventures' Sophie Heawood, Observer 'Made me laugh out loud...I loved it!' Lynda La Plante 'Glorious springtime, haystacks and a herd of cows can all be found in this' Sunday Times Bestseller 'Warm and witty' - Express A funny and heart-warming love letter to childhood, family and growing up. Till the Cows Come Home is DJ and TV presenter Sara Cox's wonderfully written, funny coming of age memoir of growing up in 1980s Lancashire. The youngest of five siblings, Sara grew up on her father's cattle farm surrounded by dogs, cows, horses, fields and lots of 'cack'. The lanky kid sister - half girl, half forehead - a nuisance to the older kids, the farm was her very own dangerous adventure playground, 'a Bolton version of Narnia'. Her writing conjures up a time of wagon rides and haymaking and agricultural shows, alongside chain smoking pensioners, cabaret nights at the Conservative club and benign parenting. Sara's love of family, of the animals and the people around them shines through on every page. Unforgettable characters are lovingly and expertly drawn bringing to life a time and place. Sara later divided her childhood days between the beloved farm and the pub she lived above with her mother, these early experiences of freedom and adventure came to be the perfect training ground for later life. This funny, big-hearted and often moving telling of Sara Cox's semi rural upbringing is not what you'd expect from the original ladette, and one of radio's most enduring and well loved presenters..


Come Home To Me | Jessica Scott

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Previously published as ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU From USA Today Bestselling author Jessica Scott comes an all new novella about a woman who came back from war changed and the man who loves her enough not to let her go. All Major Patrick MacLean wanted was Christmas with the woman and child who were his family in everything but name. But Captain Samantha Egan has come back from the war a different woman than the one who left - and she doesn't know if she can love him anymore. But neither of them counted on the determination of a little girl they both call daughter and if Natalie has her wish, her parents may have no idea what's coming for them. It's going to take Christmas miracle to bring these two wounded warriors back from the edge of a broken heart. This story has been featured in Home For Christmas: A Holiday Duet with JoAnn Ross..

Juvenile Fiction

I'll Love You Till the Cows Come Home | Kathryn Cristaldi

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I will love you till the cows come home from a trip to Mars through skies unknown, in a rocket ship made of glass and stone… I will love you till the cows come home. Love knows no bounds in this tender tribute to the depths of family love. For fans of Guess How Much I Love You—only funnier! Makes a good baby shower or Valentine's Day gift. This book extends the saying, “I’ll love you till the cows come home” to the humorous extreme. Along the way there are yaks in cadillacs, sheep setting sail, frogs on big-wheeled bikes, and more, in this great read-aloud. I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home Board Book is filled with warm, funny art and rhythmic, romping text, perfect for curling up with your little one at the end of the day...or anytime you want to express your love..


Catholics Come Home | Tom Peterson

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With a Foreword by Scott Hahn, bestselling author of The Lamb's Supper God has something extraordinary planned for your life . . . In our fast-paced, highly technological world, this statement might sound a bit lofty, but the lives of millions of souls who have come before us attest to this simple truth: God has a wonderful plan in store for you. With these words, Tom Peterson, founder and president of Catholics Come Home, a nonprofit multimedia organization dedicated to promoting Catholic evangelization, offers inspiration for believers from all walks of life, whether lapsed or practicing, to deepen their faith and draw them closer to Jesus and His Church. In a series of moving stories and personal anecdotes, Tom relates how after rediscovering his faith, he experienced God's unfailing love, and soon found his true purpose in life. You can too! Drawing from scripture, his own struggles and discoveries, and the lives of the saints as well as ordinary individuals, the author offers seven ways to enter into a more deeply personal relationship with Jesus. These are pearls that you can share with others to illuminate the importance of the Catholic faith and open wide the door to a homecoming celebration..

Juvenile Nonfiction

Until the Cows Come Home | Sandy Donovan

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Hold your horses! Don't let the cat out of the bag. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. Have you ever heard these crazy expressions? People use them even when there aren't any animals around! That's because these sentences are idioms—phrases that mean something different than what the words in them actually say. But don't let idioms get your goat. Let's explore a variety of idioms involving animals and figure out what people really mean when they use them..


Mestizos Come Home! | Robert Con Davis-Undiano

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Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano has described U.S. and Latin American culture as continually hobbled by amnesia—unable, or unwilling, to remember the influence of mestizos and indigenous populations. In Mestizos Come Home! author Robert Con Davis-Undiano documents the great awakening of Mexican American and Latino culture since the 1960s that has challenged this omission in collective memory. He maps a new awareness of the United States as intrinsically connected to the broader context of the Americas. At once native and new to the American Southwest, Mexican Americans have “come home” in a profound sense: they have reasserted their right to claim that land and U.S. culture as their own. Mestizos Come Home! explores key areas of change that Mexican Americans have brought to the United States. These areas include the recognition of mestizo identity, especially its historical development across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the re-emergence of indigenous relationships to land; and the promotion of Mesoamerican conceptions of the human body. Clarifying and bridging critical gaps in cultural history, Davis-Undiano considers important artifacts from the past and present, connecting the casta (caste) paintings of eighteenth-century Mexico to modern-day artists including John Valadez, Alma López, and Luis A. Jiménez Jr. He also examines such community celebrations as Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo, and lowrider car culture as examples of mestizo influence on mainstream American culture. Woven throughout is the search for meaning and understanding of mestizo identity. A large-scale landmark account of Mexican American culture, Mestizos Come Home! shows that mestizos are essential to U.S. national culture. As an argument for social justice and a renewal of America’s democratic ideals, this book marks a historic cultural homecoming..


Coming Home | Rosamunde Pilcher

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Coming Home - Rosamunde Pilcher Preview:

Against the backdrop of an elegant Cornwall mansion before World War II and a vast continent-spanning canvas during the turbulent war years, this involving story tells of an extraordinary young woman's coming of age, coming to grips with love and sadness, and in every sense of the term, coming home... In 1935, Judith Dunbar is left behind at a British boarding school when her mother and baby sister go off to join her father in Singapore. At Saint Ursula's, her friendship with Loveday Carey-Lewis sweeps her into the privileged, madcap world of the British aristocracy, teaching her about values, friendship, and wealth. But it will be the drama of war, as it wrenches Judith from those she cares about most, that will teach her about courage...and about love. Teeming with marvelous, memorable characters in a novel that is a true masterpiece, Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher is a book to be savored, reread, and cherished forever..

Juvenile Fiction

Bagels Come Home | Joan Betty Stuchner

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Bagels Come Home - Joan Betty Stuchner Preview:

When eight-year-old Josh and his family adopt an energetic puppy with a big personality and a talent for escaping, everyone is sure that obedience school will teach him good manners. But Bagels turns out to be a bigger handful than anyone predicted. He gets into the laundry, the groceries and the neighbor's koi pond. He even gets expelled from obedience school. Josh and his little sister, Becky, are worried that if Bagels doesn't shape up, their parents will send him back to the shelter. Can Bagels redeem himself before it's too late?.

Biography & Autobiography

When Turtles Come Home | Victoria Hoffarth

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When Turtles Come Home - Victoria Hoffarth Preview:

When Victoria Hoffarth was at graduate school in the U.S., her lecturer, the anthropologist Margaret Mead, once told her class, “There are so many varied places in the world. It is incumbent upon us to search for one where we most fit.” Thus, despite having been born and brought up in the Philippines, Victoria never felt at home there..

Young Adult Nonfiction

Chicken Come Home! | Polly Faber

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Chicken Come Home! - Polly Faber Preview:

From the team that brought you Grab that Rabbit comes a brand new story about a very plucky chicken. Dolly likes to lay her egg in a different place each day, to give her owner a challenge. But on this particular day she's chosen a place to roost that takes her far from home and puts her in lots of danger. Dolly has found a warm and cosy basket in which to lay her egg. But as she settles down to roost, there's a roar and a lurch and the basket takes off. The basket just happens to be attached to a hot air balloon! Will Dolly manage to get home in time to meet her owner from school? This lyrical story, by Polly Faber, is perfect for reading aloud and packed with page-turning suspense. Illustrated by Briony May Smith, each page is full of detailed visual delights. A beautiful tale about kindness , packed with adventure and peril..


Come Home Papa | Various authors

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Come Home Papa - Various authors Preview:

Come Home Papa - a collaborative initiative of Mahindra truck & bus division, Tell Me Your Story and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways - is a collection of short stories on road safety and the challenges faced by people in the trucking profession, written by the daughters of truck drivers. These are stories that will help build relationships between socially and economically disparate sectors, bridging the gaps with common emotions..

Health & Fitness

Come Home Alive | Mari D. Martin

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Come Home Alive - Mari D. Martin Preview:

For twenty years, God has been leading, guiding, and preparing author Mari D. Martin to walk alongside her husband, Chris, through a throat cancer diagnosis, the treatment of that cancer, the recovery from the side effects of the treatments, and then through rehabilitation to return to what will be his new normal. In Come Home Alive, Mari shares the oftentimes tender story of their six-part plan to come home alive. She narrates how the couple used their twenty-four years as Kolbe Certified consultants to practice what they taught, consulted, and coached others regarding self-awareness, strengths identification, communication needs, role alignment, and the environment each person needs to thrive. For Chris to thrive again, he needed to heal; and for him to heal, he needed to be in an environment that allowed him to thrive. Come Home Alive tells how Mari’s role as caregiver was to stay true to herself, while also being the hands and feet to recognize, minimize, and complete the tasks and requirements Chris naturally resisted. Their plan, rooted in faith, and hope, started with daily time together in prayer and belief in the healing power of God. It ended with a practice of thankfulness and expecting a miracle. What they did together in the middle is one you can do, too—through greater awareness of each other’s strengths, how to work together, and be a team with the knowledge and wisdom to come home alive..

Comics & Graphic Novels

Snoopy, Come Home | Charles M. Schulz

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Snoopy, Come Home - Charles M. Schulz Preview:

The 11th Facsimile edition of the original 1960 classic Peanut paperbacks first published in 1965 featuring 126 Sunday Peanuts newspaper strips from 1962-1965. The beloved comic series is celebrating its 70th anniversary, the new Snoopy Show is launching via Apple TV+. Featuring many of your favourite characters, including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Schroeder, Linus, Susan Brown and Shermy. This book is a facsimile edition of the 11th Peanuts paperback book and collects together 126 Sunday Peanuts comic strips that first appeared in newspapers across the world between 1962 1965. The book was originally published back in 1965..


Casey Come Home | Samantha Winston

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Casey Come Home - Samantha Winston Preview:

Casey goes to Italy to escape her grief, but instead she finds herself falling in love. An offer to study art in Italy seems the perfect opportunity for Casey to recover from her husband's tragic death. She doesn't mean to fall in love, but then she meets Alessandro, a wealthy and charming Italian soccer sensation, and sparks fly. However, Alessandro's fans are against her, and life with a celebrity turns into a nightmare. Worse still, photographers stalk them during even their most intimate moments. Alessandro is vibrant, intellectual and desperately sexy. When they're together, everything is perfect, but Casey wants a quiet life. Alessandro is a star and his fans are many...and vocal. Will these two different people be able to save a romance they both need but never thought they would find?.