Christy | ,

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The train taking nineteen-year-old teacher Christy Huddleston from her home in Asheville, North Carolina, might as well be transporting her to another world. The Smoky Mountain community of Cutter Gap feels suspended in time, trapped by poverty, superstitions, and century-old traditions. But as Christy struggles to find acceptance in her new home, some see her — and her one-room school — as a threat to their way of life. Her faith is challenged and her heart is torn between two strong men with conflicting views about how to care for the families of the Cove. Yearning to make a difference, will Christy’s determination and devotion be enough?.

Sports & Recreation

Christy Mathewson | Ronald A. Mayer

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During his remarkable 17-year career (1900–1916), Christy Mathewson was the dominant pitcher in the National league. His 373 wins stand as the third highest total in baseball history. Mathewson was a gentleman, a rarity in the raucous world of baseball at the turn of the century, and a favorite among fans. Game by game, the remarkable career of this Hall of Fame hurler is analyzed. Interwoven are tales of his personal life and the colorful characters who were a part of baseball in the early 1900s—like John McGraw, Joe McGinnity, Rube Marquard, Bugs Raymond. Appendices give records and milestones. Includes illustrations, notes, bibliography and index..


Christy | Linda Lael Miller

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They are the women of Primrose Creek, and their strength and passion is a match for the Nevada frontier they call home. Linda Lael Miller masterfully captures the hardships and dangers of a country swept by the winds of war -- and the daring and determination, the hopes and dreams of four unforgettable women -- in a thrilling new series. Christy An elegant jewel from an English finishing school, Christy McQuarry was bound to turn heads when she and her younger sister, Megan, came to settle in Primrose Creek. Town marshall Zachary Shaw knows that Christy sees what few men in the rugged pioneer town can provide: a secure future and a comfortable home. But he is not immune to Christy's charms.... A wild attraction sparks between the lady and the marshal, but Christy -- left penniless after her mother's death -- cannot afford the distraction of such an unpredictable and reckless passion. Promising her hand to the local lumber baron, lovely Christy stubbornly tries to ignore the lawman who makes her heart pound wildly at every glance. But Zachary Shaw is just as determined -- to win her love for a lifetime..

Sports & Recreation

Christy Mathewson | Michael Hartley

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Mathewson, one of the towering figures in baseball history, won 373 games in 17 seasons, all but one of those victories for the New York Giants. After his playing career, he was a manager, army officer and baseball executive, played a role in the unraveling of the Black Sox, and fought a courageous battle against tuberculosis. A man with a keen sense of honor and responsibility for both private and public obligations, he was adored by the public as a real-life Frank Merriwell. In the decades since his death, the perception of Mathewson has changed remarkably little. This biography documents in great depth his life on and off the baseball field, and draws from sources, old and new, to let Mathewson’s life speak for itself. Not many sports figures can withstand such scrutiny..

Young Adult Fiction

Christy Miller Collection, Vol 3 | Robin Jones Gunn

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The first twelve books in the popular Christy Miller series are now available in four treasured volumes! Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn packs each one with enough action, romance, and drama to keep you reading and wanting more. It all starts the summer Christy vacations on a California beach and meets two friends who change her life forever. But after moving across the country with her family, Christy must begin her sophomore year of high school uncertain where she’ll fit in. A red-headed new best friend, a try at cheerleading, a job at a pet store, and expectations for the prom fill Christy’s high school years with a string of laughter-and-tears moments. Fireball Katie keeps everyone guessing what she’ll do next, and surfer Todd keeps showing up while popular Rick has determined to get her full attention! As these memorable years unfold, Christy and her God-loving friends find out what it means to be a “peculiar treasure.” Follow Christy Miller as she stays true to her identity in Christ, drawing closer to God for help in realizing her dreams and dealing with her disappointments. Whether you’re meeting her for the first time or have known her for years— Christy Is a Forever Friend True Friends What is a true friend? Christy Miller knows she has two of them: Todd and Katie. To show how much she appreciates them, she writes to Todd, who’s off surfing in Hawaii, and she agrees to join the ski club with Katie…even though she’s scared of skiing! Fortunately, Christy and Katie can laugh as they bumble their way around the bunny slopes at Lake Tahoe. But Christy finds herself caught between new friends and her loyalty to Katie. Will Christy find a way to be a true friend when it counts most? And will she ever hear from Todd? Starry Night It’s Christmastime, and Christy Miller has so much going on: family time, work, and maybe, just maybe, going to the Rose Bowl Parade with a bunch of friends. If only she could answer Uncle Bob’s tough questions. Todd’s buddy Doug gives her some insight, and she starts to appreciate him in a whole new way. Rick Doyle shows up again...but is he pursuing Christy or the cutest elf at the mall? Through it all, will Christy find someone special to count the stars with? Seventeen Wishes It’s summer, and that means the beach and other adventures. And Christy Miller’s best friend, Katie, is always full of ideas. They’ll be camp counselors! But when Katie can’t go, Christy is bewildered and overwhelmed by her fifth-grade girls, who have boundless energy for anything except what Christy wants them to do. Do they even hear a word she says? Soon they’re playing matchmaker between Christy and Jaeson, a handsome counselor...and he doesn’t seem to mind. When Christy’s seventeenth birthday arrives later in the summer, just what will she be wishing for? Story Behind the Book “The Christy Miller series was actually born when a group of thirteen-year-olds challenged me to write a novel. I’d been questioning the content of their favorite books when they said, ‘Why don’t you write a book for us?’ I told them no, I only wrote picture books. But they persisted: ‘How hard could it be? We’ll even tell you what to write! We want a love story with teenagers at the beach.’ And there you go. Summer Promise first released seventeen years ago and is now translated into five languages. I continue to hear from readers all over the world, many girls saying that they gave their life to Christ after reading Summer Promise. I love that!” —Robin Jones Gunn.

Biography & Autobiography

Christy Brown | Georgina Louise Hambleton

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Christy Brown was severely disabled with cerebral palsy, unable to use any part of his body other than his left foot. Doctors said he was a 'mental defective' and that he would never be able to lead any kind of normal life; Christy proved them wrong. His mother taught him to write using chalk on the worn floor of their small home, and Christy grew into a talented artist and writer. His 1954 memoir My Left Foot was made into an Oscar-winning film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, while his bestselling novel Down All the Days was described by the Irish Times as 'the most important novel since Ulysses'. Using previously unpublished letters and poems, this first authorised biography marks Christy Brown's importance as a writer and celebrates his indomitable spirit. His story proves that, with hope and determination, almost impossible odds can be overcome..

Juvenile Fiction

The Other Christy | Oliver Phommavanh

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The Other Christy - Oliver Phommavanh Preview:

For the last two years, Christy Ung has been in the same class as the loud-mouthed Christie Owens -- and now it's 3rd time unlucky in 6C. Christie Owens is the popular one so everybody calls Christy Ung, the Other Christy. She moved from Cambodia in Year 4 and is still a loner at school. Christy's one solace is baking with her Auntie who suggests they bake a cake for Christy to share with her class on her birthday. Maybe a sweet treat can win them over and Christy might find a friend. She just didn't expect it to be Christie. When Christie is ditched by her besties, the two girls who share a name strike an unlikely friendship. Christy lets down her guard, revealing secrets about her weird upbringing with her clean-obsessed Grandpa. But Christy soon realises that she and her new friend are worlds apart. Can she ever shake off her Grandpa's strange habits? And will the two girls ever have more in common than just their name?.


Women and Dance | ,

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Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research | P Bruce Uhrmacher,Christy McConnell Moroye,David J. Flinders

Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research Pdf/ePub eBook Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 645 | Ebook Reads: 645 | File: Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1317195167


Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research - P Bruce Uhrmacher,Christy McConnell Moroye,David J. Flinders Preview:

Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research develops the practical elements of educational criticism, a form of qualitative inquiry that takes its lead from the work that critics have done in fields such as the visual arts, music, literature, drama and dance. Written by leading scholars in the field of curriculum studies, and research methods, this book explores the interpretive and evaluative aspects of educational criticism, through which the educational critic offers means for understanding and attributing significance to educational events. Featuring chapter-by-chapter activities, guiding questions, and key terms, this volume addresses matters of study design, pedagogy, and trends in doing educational criticism and connoisseurship. By offering a uniquely in-depth account of this research method, Using Educational Criticism and Connoisseurship for Qualitative Research is accessible to researchers and students in curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, and higher education..


Blink | Christy Hardin

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“For most of my life, I have been thinking I was in control of situations, people, outcomes, and reactions, and that if I just held on tight enough or forced my way enough, then everything would be okay.” Follow Christy Hardin on her spiritual journey in this heart-warming, faith-filled book, as she shares how life’s challenges ultimately taught her to submit her control to God in order to grow her faith and her relationship with Him. Blink tells her story of being a teen mom and how she, after a failed relationship with a drug-addicted boyfriend and after having to make a traumatic, life-altering decision, went on to find the true love of her life and create a large, beautiful family. Hardin imparts how being a young, single mother, losing her father, and later accepting the diagnosis of autism for one of her children required releasing control and allowing God to be the center of all of her relationships. Hardin’s transparency and vulnerability will not only bring you to tears, but will entice you to have more compassion for those around you and perhaps even investigate your own faith journey..


Living True | Christy Wright

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Living True - Christy Wright Preview:

Have you lost your identity in the busyness of life? In her latest book, Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You, #1 bestselling author Christy Wright guides women on a 40-day journey back to who they were created to be. As an in-demand speaker, Christy connects with and challenges thousands of women every year in the areas of faith, personal development and business. Between endless errands and an overwhelming schedule, it’s easy for women to feel like they’ve lost themselves in the busyness of life. She’s heard hundreds of women say, “I’m pulled in so many directions by so many people. I don’t know who I am anymore.” In Living True, Christy walks readers through four sections that will help them discover: Who God Is — 10 Attributes of God Who You Are — 10 Things God Says About You Where You Are — 10 Seasons of Life Where You Are Going — 10 Reasons to Be Hopeful After reading Living True, readers will find grace in their current season and confidence to step into who they were created to be..

Literary Criticism

Gestural Politics | Christy L. Burns

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Gestural Politics - Christy L. Burns Preview:

Explores James Joyce's use of parody and humor in his representation of women, gays, and Irish nationalism, and discusses how his complex attitude toward parody and stereotyping is related to his aesthetic vision..


Formula for a Perfect Life | Christy Hayes

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Formula for a Perfect Life - Christy Hayes Preview:

Two practical strangers. One fateful night. Two pink lines. College senior and obsessive romantic Kayla Cummings’ dreams of a storybook life are spun off course by an unplanned pregnancy after a one-night stand with her secret crush. Devastated, Kayla turns to her roommates and best friends for advice. No matter what she decides, no matter how deeply embarrassed, she has to tell the father. Ben Strickland’s future is written in stone—as long as he gets a decent score on the Law School Admission Test. Feeling pressure from all sides, Ben struggles to juggle his upcoming finals, another shot at the LSAT, and his needy girlfriend Darcy. When the girl he spent a memorable night with weeks ago shows up at his doorstep pregnant, his already chaotic life spins out of control. With the clock ticking, decisions to make, and a boatload of people to disappoint, Ben and Kayla embark on a journey neither anticipated—a journey where falling in love might be the biggest surprise of all. But when old hurts and buried secrets pose a greater threat to their future than impending parenthood, will Ben and Kayla go their separate ways or forge a new path to happy ever after?.


Between Life and Death: Dead Woman's Journal | Ann Christy

Between Life and Death: Dead Woman's Journal Pdf/ePub eBook Between Life and Death: Dead Woman's Journal Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 653 | Ebook Reads: 653 | File: Between Life and Death: Dead Woman's Journal.pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


Between Life and Death: Dead Woman's Journal - Ann Christy Preview:

If there’s one good thing about the end of the world, it’s that Jillian wasn’t alone when it happened. Her neighborhood is still populated and more importantly, no one is trying to eat anyone else. The rest of the world isn’t so lucky. Where the Awakened roam, terror follows. A medical miracle turned bad is the cause of it all. What’s worse, almost everyone has some form of the medicine in their system. Medical nanites changed the landscape is wonderful ways, but when those medical miracles went haywire, it was the end of the world. Within the safety of their small waterfront neighborhood, Jillian and her neighbors must forge a new path, one that will keep them safe...keep them alive. Within each of them lies the seeds of destruction, but also the will to survive. Dead Woman’s Journal is a prequel to the thrilling Between Life and Death series. This full-length novel stands alone and is without cliffhangers. While there are some descriptions of violence, the novel is appropriate for ages 16 and up..

Biography & Autobiography

O jovem Martin Luther King | Christy

O jovem Martin Luther King Pdf/ePub eBook O jovem Martin Luther King Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1570 | Ebook Reads: 1570 | File: O jovem Martin Luther King.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 8574924709


O jovem Martin Luther King - Christy Preview:

"Eu tenho um sonho." A frase ecoou, forte e eletrizante, entre as milhares de pessoas reunidas no Memorial Lincoln na manhã de agosto de 1963, em Washington, para ouvir a voz decidida de Martin Luther King Jr. A manifestação iria constituir um marco na luta pelos direitos civis nos Estados Unidos, coroando a vida do grande líder pacifista norte-americano. Em forma de romance, o autor inicia a narrativa com o assassinato de Luther King, para, em seguida, abordar os anos de infância do futuro pastor e se concentrar, especialmente, no período dos quinze aos vinte e seis anos de sua vida. O inconformismo frente as experiências com o racismo e a segregação, a influência do pai, às relações de amizade, as leituras, o contato com os princípios de não violência, a vida escolar e afetiva – enfim, todos os momentos que levaram Luther King a buscar justiça e o fizeram uma das figuras históricas mais surpreendentes do século XX. O Jovem Martin Luther King apresenta ainda, nas páginas finais, a íntegra do belo discurso do líder negro – ganhador do prêmio Nobel da Paz de 1964 –, que traduz os valores de ética e cidadania que nortearam toda a sua vida e que continuam inspirando a busca por um mundo mais justo e fraterno..

Young Adult Fiction

Christy's Choice | Catherine Marshall

Christy's Choice Pdf/ePub eBook Christy's Choice Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 756 | Ebook Reads: 756 | File: Christy's Choice.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 168370178X


Christy's Choice - Catherine Marshall Preview:

She sighed and rolled her eyes up to heaven. “Why me?” she whispered. She had to be the only teacher in the world who had hogs living under her classroom. When Christy is offered a chance to teach in her hometown, she faces a difficult decision. Will her train ride back to Cutter Gap be a journey home or a last farewell? Suddenly, the train carrying Christy breaks from the track and plunges down the side of the mountain. In a moment of terror and danger, she must decide where her future lies. ---------------------------- Based on Catherine Marshall's novel Christy—a New York Times bestseller—the Christy® of Cutter Gap series contains expanded adventures filled with romance, intrigue, and excitement..


For Love of Christy | Jasmine Cresswell

For Love of Christy Pdf/ePub eBook For Love of Christy Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 828 | Ebook Reads: 828 | File: For Love of Christy.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1612328148


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Maybe it's You | Christy Hayes

Maybe it's You Pdf/ePub eBook Maybe it's You Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1932 | Ebook Reads: 1932 | File: Maybe it's You.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1625720157


Maybe it's You - Christy Hayes Preview:

Reagan Bellamy’s neighbor is everything she never wanted. Despite her best efforts to ignore him and fly under his radar, Dash Carter refuses to wither under her stare and leave her alone. So what if he’s totally hot? Who cares if her roommates think he’s adorable? Reagan’s too busy to waste time on a loser with musical pipe dreams. Between classes, studies, and her need to stay ahead of the game, she’s got too much on her plate to give him the time of day. Dash Carter is a man on a mission. He’s done a total 180 and for the first time in a long time feels optimistic about the future. He’s clean, he’s on a good path, and he’s surrounded himself with people who make life better, not worse. Unfortunately, his neighbor—the one girl who’s always piqued his interest—still thinks he’s a slacker, bothering Dash more than it should. Acting on an opportunity to show Reagan he’s a changed man, Dash inadvertently puts her in a difficult position with her new boss and sends her down a path she hasn’t the time or inclination to pursue. Desperate to make things right, Dash becomes more invested in her life despite warnings from his mentor to not get involved with someone whose beliefs don’t match his own. Reagan’s not sure what it says about her that she’d rather deal with Dash the deadbeat than Dash the Bible thumper. The more she digs her heels in against the religious freaks she’s forced to interact with, the more she begins to question everything she’s built her life upon. When the tide begins to turn in Reagan’s heart and her worldview flips upside down, trusting God means putting everything on the line, including her heart..

Young Adult Nonfiction

Diet for a Changing Climate | Christy Mihaly,Sue Heavenrich

Diet for a Changing Climate Pdf/ePub eBook Diet for a Changing Climate Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1944 | Ebook Reads: 1944 | File: Diet for a Changing Climate.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1541538161


Diet for a Changing Climate - Christy Mihaly,Sue Heavenrich Preview:

The United Nations supports a compelling solution to world hunger: eat insects! Explore the vast world of unexpected foods that may help solve the global hunger crisis. Weeds, wild plants, invasive and feral species, and bugs are all food for thought. Learn about the nutritional value of various plant and animal species; visit a cricket farm; try a recipe for dandelion pancakes, kudzu salsa, or pickled purslane; and discover more about climate change, sustainability, green agriculture, indigenous foods, farm-to-table restaurants, and how to be an eco-friendly producer, consumer, and chef. Meet average folks and experts in the field who will help you stretch your culinary imagination!.

Health & Fitness

Anti-Diet | Christy Harrison

Anti-Diet Pdf/ePub eBook Anti-Diet Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 403 | Ebook Reads: 403 | File: Anti-Diet.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0316420360


Anti-Diet - Christy Harrison Preview:

Reclaim your time, money, health, and happiness from our toxic diet culture with groundbreaking strategies from a registered dietitian, journalist, and host of the "Food Psych" podcast. 68 percent of Americans have dieted at some point in their lives. But upwards of 90% of people who intentionally lose weight gain it back within five years. And as many as 66% of people who embark on weight-loss efforts end up gaining more weight than they lost. If dieting is so clearly ineffective, why are we so obsessed with it? The culprit is diet culture, a system of beliefs that equates thinness to health and moral virtue, promotes weight loss as a means of attaining higher status, and demonizes certain ways of eating while elevating others. It's sexist, racist, and classist, yet this way of thinking about food and bodies is so embedded in the fabric of our society that it can be hard to recognize. It masquerades as health, wellness, and fitness, and for some, it is all-consuming. In Anti-Diet, Christy Harrison takes on diet culture and the multi-billion-dollar industries that profit from it, exposing all the ways it robs people of their time, money, health, and happiness. It will turn what you think you know about health and wellness upside down, as Harrison explores the history of diet culture, how it's infiltrated the health and wellness world, how to recognize it in all its sneaky forms, and how letting go of efforts to lose weight or eat "perfectly" actually helps to improve people's health -- no matter their size. Drawing on scientific research, personal experience, and stories from patients and colleagues, Anti-Diet provides a radical alternative to diet culture, and helps readers reclaim their bodies, minds, and lives so they can focus on the things that truly matter..