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    CarbonMy mother, father, brother, and sister were murdered. And I found them.My only living relatives were my grandmother and one little sister, Reese.Then, my grandmother died, leaving me as the only one responsible for my little sister.My dad was a member of the Blackwings MC.I always planned on becoming a brother. I just thought my dad would be there when I patched in.But he wasn’t, and I was slowly drowning in anger and rage.My club was behind me and did everything they could to help me.But nothing was working.Until the night I met her.“If you want sexy, hot, alpha bikers who not only love their club but their brotherhood with a loyalty that runs deep through their veins, then look no further than the Blackwings MC. It's got all that and then some. Carbon brings it all to the table in this book when he falls hard for Harper, who just happens to be Duke’s sister. With a past that some people don't come back from, Harper puts one foot in front of the other and tries her hardest to not only pick up the pieces of a shattered childhood but go on in life to help those in need by becoming a counselor to help kids pick up their own shattered lives and help them to fulfill their own dreams. Do yourselves a favor and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. Five flaming gold stars from me.” – Slam Dunk’s Luscious Reads

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