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Blake acts on instinct when he steals a dragon egg from his boss. He’s never done anything that stupid, and now, he’s in trouble, both with humans and dragons. Especially with the dragon that captures him. But Orran is not merely a dragon. He’s also a beautiful man, and Blake is stuck with him—and with a baby dragon after the egg hatches. Blake’s boss isn’t done with him or with the baby, which means Blake has to gain Orran’s trust and convince him to take him with him. He has nothing to go back to in the city except death if his boss catches him. Death might still find him if he leaves with Orran, but he has nothing to lose. Or does he?.

Young Adult Fiction

Blue Fire | E.C. Blake

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From the author of the acclaimed fantasy trilogy The Masks of Agyrima, published by DAW Books, comes another epic YA fantasy adventure. Centuries ago, the people of Nevyana were forced to leave their old kingdom across the sea after it was devastated by the War of the Twelve Gods. The only three Gods to survive that war, Vekrin of the Earth, Arrica of the Sun, and Ell of the Moon, agreed to leave the affairs of men alone--but not until they gave their followers a few final magical Gifts. Vekrin and Arrica gave their followers the gift of Blue Fire, a powerful force that could provide light, heat, and protection--or be turned into a powerful weapon. But Ell chose instead to utterly transform her followers into the almost feline Nightdwellers, nocturnal creatures with fur, teeth, and claws. Enmity quickly arose among the three groups, and now the Nightdwellers rule the night, killing any ordinary humans they catch out after sunset. Vekrin's followers became the Citydwellers, retreating behind stout walls of stone, protected by the Blue Fire-powered firelances of the Priests. And Arrica's followers became the Freefolk, able to travel through the wilderness protected by a Fence of Blue Fire, but always in danger of Nightdweller attack. When sacred objects for channelling Blue Fire are stolen, three sworn enemies, Petra of the Citydwellers, Amlinn of the Freefolk, and Jin of the Nightdwellers, set out to find them, and their paths converge on a collision course with the truth. Can they bridge the centuries-old divisions among their communities? Or will their search for the truth and the explosive power of Blue Fire signal the end of Nevyana?.


Blue Fire | Joel Canfield

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Max Bowman is looking for a superhero. Okay, to be more accurate, the creator of that superhero, a mysterious comic book legend who’s disappeared from the face of the earth. Quicker than you can say “Shazam,” Max is in over his head and out of his mind, thanks to a secretly administered dose of Blue Fire, an all-powerful, government-designed psychedelic drug. But he’s not hallucinating any of the weirdness that keeps cropping up—not the zombies on the Upper East Side, not the self-improvement cult run by a clueless pawn, not the hipster assassin who knows her way around a sword, and certainly not the Cold War-era CIA spook program that’s gone underground…and is somehow still operational. Still, his greatest challenge may not be any of the above menaces. It just might be his neurotic new rescue dog, who absolutely refuses to let Max out of her sight..


Blue Fire | Phyllis A. Whitney

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A bride is swept up in family secrets and the blood diamond trade when she returns to South Africa in this novel by a New York Times–bestselling author. When Chicagoan Susan Hohenfield brings her new husband, Dirk, to her childhood home in Cape Town, it’s with the innocence of a young girl. She remembers only the beauty of South Africa—and the pain of being abandoned by her father. Now, with a new perspective, she sees a country destroyed by apartheid. And her father, once accused of diamond smuggling, seems not the ogre she imagined, but a broken man powerless against the prison term that wrenched him from his daughter’s arms. At least that’s the story Susan has been told. But she’ll discover the truth as this intimate family reunion raises grave and troubling new questions. Why is the man responsible for her father’s fate still lingering in the shadows? Why has Dirk’s former lover arrived with threats and incriminations? And why does Susan feel like a stranger in her own home? Now, in a place that is at once strange and familiar, charged with fear and intrigue, Susan must confront a dangerous past that isn’t quite through with her. More than a classic gothic tale, Blue Fire is one of the first novels to deal with the turmoil in South Africa. It was written nearly three decades before the dismantling of apartheid and a half-century before the film Blood Diamond would bring attention to the devastating effects of the smuggling trade. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate..

Juvenile Fiction

The Healing Wars: Book II: Blue Fire | Janice Hardy

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Part fugitive, part hero, fifteen-year-old Nya is barely staying ahead of the Duke’s trackers. Wanted for a crime she didn’t mean to commit, she risks capture to protect every Taker she can find, determined to prevent the Duke of Baseer from using them in his fiendish experiments. But resolve isn’t enough to protect any of them, and Nya soon realizes the only way to keep them all out of the Duke’s clutches is to flee Geveg. Unfortunately, the Duke’s best tracker has other ideas. Nya finds herself trapped in the last place she ever wanted to be, forced to trust the last people she ever thought she could. More is at stake than just the people of Geveg, and the closer she gets to uncovering the Duke’s plan, the more she discovers how critical she is to his victory. To save Geveg, she just might have to save Baseer—if she doesn’t destroy it first..


Blue Fire | John Gilstrap

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John Gilstrap, the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Jonathan Grave novels, continues his acclaimed Victoria Emerson thriller series with Blue Fire. In the wake of a global conflict that has devastated America, one woman must lead—and protect—a community of survivors determined to rebuild all they have lost . . . They call it Hell Day—a world war that lasted less than twenty-four hours. Nations unleashed weapons that destroyed more than a century’s worth of technology. Electrical grids cannot generate power. Communications and computers cannot run. And the remnants of the U. S. government cannot be depended upon. Those who survived must live as their ancestors did, off a land ruled by the whims of nature. One-time congressional representative Victoria Emerson has become the new leader of the small town of Ortho, West Virginia. She has been struggling to provide food and shelter for the town’s inhabitants, while coping with desperate refugees. An autumn morning’s calm is shattered when her teenage son sounds the alarm with the cry “Blue Fire”—the code phrase for imminent danger. A band of National Guardsmen intends to take Ortho and its resources for themselves. They have enough soldiers and firepower to eliminate anyone who dares to stop them. But Victoria swore an oath to defend and protect her people, and she isn’t about to surrender. It’s time to tap into the traditional American values of courage, ingenuity, and determination – and fight fire with fire..


The Essential James Hillman | James Hillman

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First published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company..


Blue Fire | Sarah Holland

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Bond of hatred…? Christie was young and naive when she first met Jared Buchanan. She'd fallen in love with him, but she couldn't cope with the passion he awoke within her. So she'd fled…. Three years on, and Christie's dreams of fame and fortune were about to come true. Trouble was, Jared was essential to helping her fulfill those dreams. But he made it clear that he had never forgiven her for her desertion. Jared was determined to have his revenge on Christie…even if it meant using the blue fire of passion that still blazed between them..


Blue Fire Burning | Hobb Whittons

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In the dead of night, a covered wagon driven by a hooded, faceless being is careering through the forest at breakneck speed. Inside the wagon, sit two jittery Goblin men: Grot and Mouldy. Suddenly, the contents of the sack they are staring at begin to glow... Consumed by the desire for revenge, the Goblins’ wicked Dark Mistress sets diminutive winged telepaths, the Pahleen, a riddle they must work out if they are to get back what they have lost and save the world known as Wadjamaat. Desperately, King Kilron searches high and low but finds no clue. Then, something unexpected happens in Haggles Cove and the race is on again...but there is a sting in the tail. To have a chance of succeeding, Kilron must now face the prospect of doing something always forbidden to his ancient race. Meanwhile, unaware of the planet’s ‘ticking clock’, the cosmopolitan human population of the walled naval port of Bellana are busy getting their wondrous Mermaid Stadium ready for the grand Argia Final. With canine companion Wolf in tow, country girl Hahmi Merkin gets a hostile reception when she enters the city. She heads for the sanctuary of blacksmith friend, Aristide Brindle’s house where she leaves her horse and cart. Entrusted with his son’s ‘paddywhack’, she sets off for the stadium. What happens after that is beyond even her wildest imagining... Throughout this magical and marauding tale, love, trust and a craving to belong do battle against prejudice, religious fanaticism and the lust for power – and the stakes could not be higher..


Your Blue Flame | Jennifer Fulwiler

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Break out of that rut and fall in love with your life again by joining stand-up comic, SiriusXM host, and mom of six Jennifer Fulwiler in finding your blue flame. Every one of us has a blue flame--a special skill, a personal passion, a gift or talent. But when caught up in life's busyness, it's too easy to make a habit of suppressing our most joyful contributions to the world. As Jennifer learned, the secret to a life you love isn't necessarily jumping the track, quitting your job, or hustling to make your dream your full-time reality. Rather, it's about doing more of what makes you come alive in your actual life. Your Blue Flame is your upbeat playbook to rekindling your energy, sparking those meaningful "first loves" back to life again, and discovering the unique way each one of us can make the world a better, brighter place. With Jennifer's wit and straight-forward, practical insights, this helpful guide will show you: How to channel your blue flame's contagious energy Why your blue flame is both personally fulfilling and a sacred duty to others Tips and tricks to boldly make time for your passions How to rethink dreaming big for your actual life No matter where you are in life, you'll be inspired with stories of others who found their flames, like the couple who packed up their three kids and moved to a farm, the woman who discovered a passion for letter-writing at age ninety-five, and of course Jennifer's own story of self-producing her own stand-up comedy tour after being turned down by the entertainment industry establishment. It's been said that the glory of God is the soul fully alive. It's time to start chasing our spark, and Your Blue Flame will show you how..

Juvenile Fiction

The Small Window | Linda Teigland Clark

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The Thorald homestead was located near the banks of St. Peters River in the southern portion of Wisconsin Territory. One day this region would become part of the great state of Minnesota; the river would be renamed the Minnesota River; and near the old homestead, a city would rise and identify itself after Chief Mankato of the Mdewakanton Sioux. Pa and the twins worked hard to turn that rich black earth into life and subsistence for his wife and five younguns. When the unpredictable weather fought his labor and sweat and the land turned against him, survival rose to new heights. And Pa caught the dream of the new land It was 1848. Pa followed his dream; he was taking his family to the Promised Land, a land called California Pa taught his family that God will not shut a door without opening a window. He said it was Gods Way of leading His Children. And during these hard times, Pa added that it was the North wind that made the Vikings. What he didnt tell Laurin, his 17 year-old-daughter, was how small and difficult getting through that window might be or how long and strong that North wind might blow Laurin, like her father, dreamed big ...until tragedy struck! When cholera claimed the lives of her parents and older brothers in the Humboldt Sink, she had to find that window set her own sail against that staunch wind Only she remained to do it! She had to find a way not just to survive the trek over the Sierra and into California, but to survive and be safe, once they arrived in this untamed land dominated by men, gold, and greed. It wasnt for herself but for her younger brother, age 7, and sister, age 4. They were her responsibility their future; their very lives depended upon her. They couldnt go back; there was no back! She loved them she had to find a way Join Laurin as she transforms into Hardluck Lin and becomes a part of the early history of the California Gold Rush..


The Fire People | Ray Cummings

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The first of the new meteors landed on the earth in November, 1940. It was discovered by a farmer in his field near Brookline, Massachusetts, shortly after daybreak on the morning of the 11th. Astronomically, the event was recorded by the observatory at Harvard as the sudden appearance of what apparently was a new star, increasing in the short space of a few hours from invisibility to a power beyond that of the first magnitude, and then as rapidly fading again to invisibility. This star was recorded by two of the other great North American observatories, and by one in the Argentine Republic. That it was comparatively small in mass and exceedingly close to the earth, even when first discovered, was obvious. All observers agreed that it was a heavenly body of an entirely new order..


Ageless Soul | Thomas Moore

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Thomas Moore is the renowned author of Care of the Soul, the classic #1 New York Times bestseller. In Ageless Soul, Moore reveals a fresh, optimistic, and rewarding path toward aging, one that need not be feared, but rather embraced and cherished. In Moore’s view, aging is the process by which one becomes a more distinctive, complex, fulfilled, loving, and connected person. Using examples from his practice as a psychotherapist and teacher who lectures widely on the soul of medicine and spirituality, Moore argues for a new vision of aging: as a dramatic series of initiations, rather than a diminishing experience, one that each of us has the tools—experience, maturity, fulfillment—to live out. Subjects include: *Why melancholy is a natural part of aging, and how to accept it, rather than confuse it with depression *The vital role of the elder and mentor in the lives of younger people *The many paths of spiritual growth and learning that open later in life *Sex and sensuality *Building new communities and leaving a legacy Ageless Soul will teach readers how to embrace the richness of experience and how to take life on, accept invitations to new vitality, and feel fulfilled as they get older..


THE MONK | Matthew Lewis

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Lewis, Matthew Gregory is a famous British novelist and playwright. The Monk: A Romance is his most famous so called “gothic novel” that he wrote only in ten days. Ambrosio, once an exemplary Spanish monk, is passionate about his student: there is a beautiful woman Matilda under the monk robe. After his passion is satisfied he shifts his attention to an innocent Antonia. With Matilda’s help he rapes and kills the young woman. Later it is discovered that Antonia was hid sister and Matilda is Satan’s messenger whose aim was to seduce the devout hermit and lead him to the sin. In the end, he falls under inquisition, but....


Super Gene 5 Anthology | Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim

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In the magnificent interstellar era, mankind has finally developed teleport technology, but when trying to teleport, they are not sent to the future, the past, or any land known to men... This mysterious space is called God¡¯s Sanctuary, where lived numerous unknown creatures. Here, humans will make the greatest leap in their evolution to create the most glorious epoch in history. "Sacred-blood creature black beetle killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood black beetle gained. Eat the meat of sacred-blood black beetle to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly.".


Breathless | Dean Koontz

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz delivers a thrilling novel of suspense and adventure, as the lives of strangers converge around a mystery unfolding high in the Colorado mountains—and the balance of the world begins to tilt…. In the stillness of a golden September afternoon, deep in the wilderness of the Rockies, a solitary craftsman, Grady Adams, and his magnificent Irish wolfhound Merlin step from shadow into light…and into an encounter with enchantment. That night, through the trees, under the moon, a pair of singular animals will watch Grady's isolated home, waiting to make their approach. A few miles away, Camillia Rivers, a local veterinarian, begins to unravel the threads of a puzzle that will bring all the forces of a government in peril to her door. At a nearby farm, long-estranged identical twins come together to begin a descent into darkness…In Las Vegas, a specialist in chaos theory probes the boundaries of the unknowable…On a Seattle golf course, two men make matter-of-fact arrangements for murder…Along a highway by the sea, a vagrant scarred by the past begins a trek toward his destiny… In a novel that is at once wholly of our time and timeless, fearless and funny, Dean Koontz takes readers into the moment between one turn of the world and the next, across the border between knowing and mystery. It is a journey that will leave all who take it Breathless. BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Dean Koontz's The City..

Biography & Autobiography

Fire Shut Up in My Bones | Charles M. Blow

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A New York Times Notable Book | Lambda Literary Award Winner | Long-listed for the PEN Open Book Award “Charles Blow is the James Baldwin of our age.” — Washington Blade “[An] exquisite memoir . . . Delicately wrought and arresting.” — New York Times Universally praised on its publication, Fire Shut Up in My Bones is a pioneering journalist’s indelible coming-of-age tale. Charles M. Blow’s mother was a fiercely driven woman with five sons, brass knuckles in her glove box, and a job plucking poultry at a factory near their segregated Louisiana town, where slavery's legacy felt close. When her philandering husband finally pushed her over the edge, she fired a pistol at his fleeing back, missing every shot, thanks to “love that blurred her vision and bent the barrel.” Charles was the baby of the family, fiercely attached to his “do-right” mother. Until one day that divided his life into Before and After—the day an older cousin took advantage of the young boy. The story of how Charles escaped that world to become one of America’s most innovative and respected public figures is a stirring, redemptive journey that works its way into the deepest chambers of the heart. “Stunning . . . Blow’s words grab hold of you . . . [and] lead you to a place of healing.” — Essence “The memoir of the year.” — A. V. Club.


The Night Land | William Hope Hodgson

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The Night Land - William Hope Hodgson Preview:

Telling the story of a dying Earth, The Night Land begins with a man from the 17th century who, mourning the death of his true love, is given a vision through the eyes his future incarnation. In that distant time Earth is only dimly lit by the remaining glow of the dead Sun. The last millions of the human race cluster together inside the Last Redoubt, a huge metal pyramid, and are set upon by mysterious forces from the dark outside. Leaving the protection of their refuge means certain death, but our narrator makes mind contact with a survivor in a forgotten Lesser Redoubt. He must journey alone through the evil darkness to find her, knowing that she is the reincarnation of his past precious love..

Literary Criticism

I Saw Water | Ithell Colquhoun

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I Saw Water - Ithell Colquhoun Preview:

Ithell Colquhoun (1906–1988) is remembered today as a surrealist artist, writer, and occultist. Although her paintings hang in a number of public collections and her gothic novel Goose of Hermogenes (1961) remains in print, critical responses to her work have been severely constrained by the limited availability of her art and writings. The publication of her second novel, I Saw Water—presented here for the first time, together with a selection of her other writings and images, many also previously unpublished—marks a significant step in expanding our knowledge of Colquhoun’s work. Composed almost entirely of material assembled from the author’s dreams, I Saw Water challenges such fundamental distinctions as those between sleeping and waking, the two separated genders, and life and death. It is set in a convent on the Island of the Dead, but its spiritual context derives from sources as varied as Roman Catholicism, the teachings of the Theosophical Society, Goddess spirituality, Druidism, the mystical Qabalah, and Neoplatonism. The editors have provided both an introduction and explanatory notes. The introductory essay places the novel in the context of Colquhoun’s other works and the cultural and spiritual environment in which she lived. The extensive notes will help the reader with any concepts that may be unfamiliar..

Literary Criticism

Doctor Faustus | Christopher Marlowe

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Doctor Faustus - Christopher Marlowe Preview:

In Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus a distinguished scholar turns away from learning and embraces necromancy to satisfy his yearning for knowledge, power and influence. Faustus trades his soul to Lucifer for the secrets of the universe, only to find that satisfaction remains beyond his grasp. His quest for fame and thirst for knowledge eventually results in his damnation. One of the most spectacular and popular plays of the Elizabethan stage, Faustus' fantastical mix of high-minded theology and low-brow slapstick has allured generations of readers and playgoers in the ensuing centuries. Christopher Marlowe's Faustus has been regularly rewritten, adapted, performed, and parodied across the ages, speaking to its tenacious grip upon the public imagination. This fully re-edited, modernised play text is accompanied by incisive commentary notes, while its lively introduction will helpfully guide you through the fume of fact and legend that has accompanied the play across the centuries, from its premiere in the late sixteenth century to its most recent incarnation on stage and film. The New Mermaids plays offer: · Modernized versions of the play text edited to the highest textual standards · Fully annotated student editions with obscure words explained and critical, contextual and staging insight provided on each page · Full introductions analyzing content, themes, author background and stage history.