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    From the Inside Flap Table of Contents: IntroductionDiagnostic Test1 Conventions and Graphing2 Vectors3 Kinematics in One Dimension4 Kinematics in Two Dimensions5 Dynamics6 Circular Motion7 Energy, Work, and Power8 Momentum and Impulse9 Gravity10 Electric Field11 Electric Potential 12 Circuit Elements and DC Circuits13 Magnetism14 Simple Harmonic Motion15 Waves16 Geometric Optics17 Physical Optics18 Thermal Properties19 Thermodynamics20 Atomic and Quantum Phenomena21 Nuclear Reactions22 Relativity23 Historical Figures and Contemporary PhysicsPractice TestsAppendix I: Key EquationsAppendix II: Physical ConstantsAppendix III: Conversion FactorsGlossaryIndex Read more

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