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    Books Description :

    Mya Burch and her five-year-old son Colin, Jr. left home for a job and the start of a new life across the country in a place called Versteck Valley. It was time for her to jumpstart her career and enroll her son in a school for gifted kids. On the surface, Versteck looked like a perfect place to live in peace and raise her son. But Versteck had secrets that Mya couldn’t imagine and the residents refused to share.Asher Pendergrass had built his security company on grit and determination. He and his cousins had invested millions to make their teen-aged dream a reality. Versteck Arms was a place that accepted the best talent from around the world and they’d defend their piece of heaven against all outsiders.Asher isn’t too keen on Mya living next door and even less so when an unknown threat arrives in town harassing the single mother and her son. Strangers weren’t welcome in Versteck, those who started trouble even less so. With a threat against Mya and her son rising each day, Asher and the men of Versteck have to make a decision to either band together to help the newcomer or step aside.

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