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Arts, Entertainment and Tourism | ,

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Arts, Entertainment and Tourism - , Preview:

'Arts, Entertainment and Tourism' is a pioneering text that, by focusing on the consumer, investigates the relationship between these 3 industries and how this relationship can be developed to its best competitive advantage. Issue-led, this text draws on appropriate disciplines rather than using one single approach, to examine issues in arts and entertainment within the framework of cultural tourism. Written to meet the needs of students studying on management courses in the arts, tourism and leisure, 'Arts, Entertainment and Tourism': * Describes the general arts and tourism background * Identifies a framework for analysis that acknowledges differing levels of interest in the arts and entertainment * Discusses the arts and entertainment that feature (past and present) in tourism * Examines the reasons why the arts, entertainment and tourism have an interest in each other and how they go about developing the relationship * Examines the relationship: are there tourists in audiences and do the arts and entertainment attract tourists to a destination? * Evaluates the wider effects (good and bad) on both the arts and tourism * Discusses the direction of future developments by arts and tourism organizations and for future research.


Arts & Entertainments | Christopher Beha

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Christopher Beha delivers a cutting send-up of our cultural obsession with celebrity—a deliciously witty, and ultimately tender, novel about the absurdity of fame and the complexity of love sure to appeal to fans of Maria Semple and Jess Walter. A sharp-edged satire with heart, Arts & Entertainments is the story of Handsome Eddie Hartley who, at thirty-three, has forgone dreams of an acting career for the reality of life as a drama teacher at a boys’ prep school. But when Eddie and his wife, Susan, discover they cannot have children, it is one disappointment too many. Weighted down with debt, his wife’s mounting unhappiness, and his own deepening sense of failure, Eddie is confronted with an alluring solution when an old friend-turned-web-impresario suggests Eddie sell a sex tape he made with an ex-girlfriend, now a wildly popular television star. Overcoming his initial moral qualms, Eddie figures that in an era when any publicity is good publicity, the tape won’t cause any harm—a decision that will have disastrous consequences and propel him straight into the glaring spotlight he once thought he craved. A hilariously biting and incisive take-down of our culture’s monstrous obsession with fame, Arts & Entertainments is also a poignant and humane portrait of a young man’s belated coming-of-age, the complications of love, and the surprising ways in which the most meaningful lives often turn out to be the ones we least expected to lead..


The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing | Daragh O'Reilly,Ruth Rentschler,Theresa A. Kirchner

The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing Pdf/ePub eBook The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1623 | Ebook Reads: 1623 | File: The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1135012202


The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing - Daragh O'Reilly,Ruth Rentschler,Theresa A. Kirchner Preview:

The relationship between the arts and marketing has been growing ever more complex, as the proliferation of new technologies and social media has opened up new forms of communication. This book covers the broad and involved relationship between the arts and marketing. It frames "arts marketing" in the context of wider, related issues, such as the creative and cultural industries, cultural policy and arts funding, developments in the different art forms and the impact of environmental forces on arts business models and markets. The Routledge Companion to Arts Marketing provides a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide that incorporates current analyses of arts marketing topics by leaders of academic research in the field. As such, it will be a key resource for the next generation of arts marketing scholars and teachers and will constitute the single most authoritative guide on the subject internationally..


Arts: A Science Matter | ,

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A World of Popular Entertainments | Gillian Arrighi,Victor Emeljanow

A World of Popular Entertainments Pdf/ePub eBook A World of Popular Entertainments Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 378 | Ebook Reads: 378 | File: A World of Popular Entertainments.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1443838047


A World of Popular Entertainments - Gillian Arrighi,Victor Emeljanow Preview:

This groundbreaking volume of critical essays about popular entertainments brings together the work of eighteen established, emerging, and independent scholars with backgrounds in Archives, Theatre and Performance, Music, and Historical Studies, currently working across five continents. The first of its kind to examine popular entertainments from a global and multi-disciplinary perspective, this collection examines a broad cross-section of historical and contemporary popular entertainment forms from Australia, England, Japan, North America, and South Africa, and considers their social, cultural and political significance. Despite the vibrant, complex, and ubiquitous nature of popular entertainments, the field has suffered from a lack of sustained academic attention. Nevertheless, popular entertainments have a global reach and a transnational significance at odds with the fact that the meaning and definition of both ‘popular’ and ‘entertainment’ remain widely contested. Since the late-nineteenth century, class-based prejudices in Western culture have championed the superiority of art and literature over the dubious and fleeting pleasures of ‘entertainment.’ Similarly, the term ‘popular’ has carried pejorative connotations, indicating something common and outside the conventional and highbrow productions of the purpose-built theatre house or concert hall. Irrespective of whether ‘popular’ is code for a cultural product with a folk origin, or a term indicating the mass appeal of a cultural product, this volume’s re-assessment of popular entertainments from a global perspective is timely. The performance research embodied in this volume was first discussed at A World of Popular Entertainments International Conference (University of Newcastle, Australia, 2009) in response to a multi-disciplinary call for scholars to explore a variety of topics relevant to the study of popular entertainments..


Live from Dar es Salaam | Alex Perullo

Live from Dar es Salaam Pdf/ePub eBook Live from Dar es Salaam Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1470 | Ebook Reads: 1470 | File: Live from Dar es Salaam.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0253001501


Live from Dar es Salaam - Alex Perullo Preview:

When socialism collapsed in Tanzania, the government-controlled music industry gave way to a vibrant independent music scene. Alex Perullo explores the world of the bands, music distributors, managers, and clubs that attest to the lively and creative music industry in Dar es Salaam. Perullo examines the formation of the city’s music economy, considering the means of musical production, distribution, protection, broadcasting, and performance. He exposes both legal and illegal strategies for creating business opportunities employed by entrepreneurs who battle government restrictions and give flight to their musical aspirations. This is a singular look at the complex music landscape in one of Africa’s most dynamic cities..


A History of Popular Culture in Japan | E. Taylor Atkins

A History of Popular Culture in Japan Pdf/ePub eBook A History of Popular Culture in Japan Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 745 | Ebook Reads: 745 | File: A History of Popular Culture in Japan.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1474258565


A History of Popular Culture in Japan - E. Taylor Atkins Preview:

The phenomenon of 'Cool Japan' is one of the distinctive features of global popular culture of the millennial age. A History of Popular Culture in Japan provides the first historical and analytical overview of popular culture in Japan from its origins in the 17th century to the present day, using it to explore broader themes of conflict, power, identity and meaning in Japanese history. E. Taylor Atkins shows how Japan is one of the earliest sites for the development of mass-produced, market-oriented cultural products consumed by urban middle and working classes. The best-known traditional arts and culture of Japan- no theater, monochrome ink painting, court literature, poetry and indigenous music-inhabited a world distinct from that of urban commoners, who fashioned their own expressive forms and laid the groundwork for today's 'gross national cool.' Popular culture was pivotal in the rise of Japanese nationalism, imperialism, militarism, postwar democracy and economic development. Offering historiographical and analytical frameworks for understanding its subject, A History of Popular Culture in Japan synthesizes the latest scholarship from a variety of disciplines. It is a vital resource for students of Japanese cultural history wishing to gain a deeper understanding of Japan's contributions to global cultural heritage..


Inventing the Performing Arts | Matthew Isaac Cohen

Inventing the Performing Arts Pdf/ePub eBook Inventing the Performing Arts Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1476 | Ebook Reads: 1476 | File: Inventing the Performing Arts.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0824855590


Inventing the Performing Arts - Matthew Isaac Cohen Preview:

Indonesia, with its mix of ethnic cultures, cosmopolitan ethos, and strong national ideology, offers a useful lens for examining the intertwining of tradition and modernity in globalized Asia. In Inventing the Performing Arts, Matthew Isaac Cohen explores the profound change in diverse arts practices from the nineteenth century until 1949. He demonstrates that modern modes of transportation and communication not only brought the Dutch colony of Indonesia into the world economy, but also stimulated the emergence of new art forms and modern attitudes to art, disembedded and remoored traditions, and hybridized foreign and local. In the nineteenth century, access to novel forms of entertainment, such as the circus, and newspapers, which offered a new language of representation and criticism, wrought fundamental changes in theatrical, musical, and choreographic practices. Musical drama disseminated print literature to largely illiterate audiences starting in the 1870s, and spoken drama in the 1920s became a vehicle for exploring social issues. Twentieth-century institutions—including night fairs, the recording industry, schools, itinerant theatre, churches, cabarets, round-the-world cruises, and amusement parks—generated new ways of making, consuming, and comprehending the performing arts. Concerned over the loss of tradition and "Eastern" values, elites codified folk arts, established cultural preservation associations, and experimented in modern stagings of ancient stories. Urban nationalists excavated the past and amalgamated ethnic cultures in dramatic productions that imagined the Indonesian nation. The Japanese occupation (1942–1945) was brief but significant in cultural impact: plays, songs, and dances promoting anti-imperialism, Asian values, and war-time austerity measures were created by Indonesian intellectuals and artists in collaboration with Japanese and Korean civilian and military personnel. Artists were registered, playscripts censored, training programs developed, and a Cultural Center established. Based on more than two decades of archival study in Indonesia, Europe, and the United States, this richly detailed, meticulously researched book demonstrates that traditional and modern artistic forms were created and conceived, that is "invented," in tandem. Intended as a general historical introduction to the performing arts in Indonesia, it will be of great interest to students and scholars of Indonesian performance, Asian traditions and modernities, global arts and culture, and local heritage..


An Introduction to Japanese Folk Performing Arts | Terence A. Lancashire

An Introduction to Japanese Folk Performing Arts Pdf/ePub eBook An Introduction to Japanese Folk Performing Arts Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1718 | Ebook Reads: 1718 | File: An Introduction to Japanese Folk Performing Arts.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1317181689


An Introduction to Japanese Folk Performing Arts - Terence A. Lancashire Preview:

Japanese folk performing arts incorporate a body of entertainments that range from the ritual to the secular. They may be the ritual dances at Shinto shrines performed to summon and entertain deities; group dances to drive away disease-bearing spirits; or theatrical mime to portray the tenets of Buddhist teachings. These ritual entertainments can have histories of a thousand years or more and, with such histories, some have served as the inspiration for the urban entertainments of no, kabuki and bunraku puppetry. The flow of that inspiration, however, has not always been one way. Elements taken from these urban forms could also be used to enhance the appeal of ritual dance and drama. And, in time, these urban entertainments too came to be performed in rural or regional settings and today are similarly considered folk performing arts. Professor Terence Lancashire provides a valuable introductory guide to the major performance types as understood by Japanese scholars..

Literary Collections

The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I | Jayne Elisabeth Archer,Elizabeth Goldring,Sarah Knight

The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I Pdf/ePub eBook The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 412 | Ebook Reads: 412 | File: The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0191608793


The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I - Jayne Elisabeth Archer,Elizabeth Goldring,Sarah Knight Preview:

More than any other English monarch before or since, Queen Elizabeth I used her annual progresses to shape her royal persona and to bolster her popularity and authority. During the spring and summer, accompanied by her court, Elizabeth toured southern England, the Midlands, and parts of the West Country, staying with private and civic hosts, and at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The progresses provided hosts with unique opportunities to impress and influence the Queen, and became occasions for magnificent and ingenious entertainments and pageants, drawing on the skills of architects, artists, and craftsmen, as well as dramatic performances, formal orations, poetic recitations, parades, masques, dances, and bear baiting. The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I is an interdisciplinary essay collection, drawing together new and innovative work by experts in literary studies, history, theatre and performance studies, art history, and antiquarian studies. As such, it will make a unique and timely contribution to research on the culture and history of Elizabethan England. Chapters include examinations of some of the principal Elizabethan progress entertainments, including the coronation pageant Veritas temporis filia (1559), Kenilworth (1575), Norwich (1578), Cowdray (1591), Bisham (1592), and Harefield (1602), while other chapters consider the themes raised by these events, including the ritual of gift-giving; the conduct of government whilst on progress; the significance of the visual arts in the entertainments; regional identity and militarism; elite and learned women as hosts; the circulation and publication of entertainment and pageant texts; the afterlife of the Elizabethan progresses, including their reappropriation in Caroline England and the documenting of Elizabeth's reign by late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century antiquarians such as John Nichols, who went on to compile the monumentalThe Progresses of Queen Elizabeth (1788-1823)..


The Arabian Nights Entertainments | Andrew Lang

The Arabian Nights Entertainments Pdf/ePub eBook The Arabian Nights Entertainments Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1619 | Ebook Reads: 1619 | File: The Arabian Nights Entertainments.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 5040837070


The Arabian Nights Entertainments - Andrew Lang Preview:


Social Science

The Invention of Taste | Luca Vercelloni

The Invention of Taste Pdf/ePub eBook The Invention of Taste Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1149 | Ebook Reads: 1149 | File: The Invention of Taste.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1474273610


The Invention of Taste - Luca Vercelloni Preview:

The Invention of Taste provides a detailed overview of the development of taste, from ancient times to the present. At the heart of the book is an intriguing question: why did the sensory attribute of human taste become a social metaphor and aesthetic value for judging cultural qualities of art, fashion, cuisine and other social constructions? Unique amongst the senses, taste is at once a biologically derived sense, private, personal and individual, yet also a sensibility which can be acquired, shared, and communicated. Exploring the many factors that defined the evolution of taste – from medieval morals and medicine to social and cultural philosophy, the rise of aesthetics, birth of fashion, branding trends, and luxury worship in the age of mass consumption – Luca Vercelloni's ambitious text provides readers with an outstanding introduction to the subject, making it the cultural history of taste. Now available for the first time in English, Taste features a new final chapter and a preface by series editor David Howes. Rich in detail and examples, this interdisciplinary work is an important read for students and researchers in sensory studies, philosophy, sociology and cultural studies, as well as gastronomy, fashion, design, and branding..

Social Science

Regulating the Night | Deborah Talbot

Regulating the Night Pdf/ePub eBook Regulating the Night Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 981 | Ebook Reads: 981 | File: Regulating the Night.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 131706870X


Regulating the Night - Deborah Talbot Preview:

The promotion of night-time economies in town centres across Britain has sparked new fears about disorder, violence and binge-drinking. However, there has been little consideration of the social and cultural benefits of a diverse urban nightlife. This timely work examines the processes that have led to a mainstreaming of subcultural expression at night, and the impact of legislation aimed at providing the police and councils with new powers to manage and contain the ’social problem’ of contemporary nightlife. Based on an ethnographic study of a London locality, the book examines the unwitting consequences of local decision-making, and the contradictory struggles that ensued. Utilizing the concept of the 'outsider area' as a space that stands outside of conventional norms, and where cultural innovation and transgression can occur, it explores the social consequences of losing contact with the 'other'..


Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication | Adrian David Cheok

Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication Pdf/ePub eBook Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1721 | Ebook Reads: 1721 | File: Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1849961379


Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication - Adrian David Cheok Preview:

Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication takes a blue sky research perspective on the field of interactive media for entertainment computing. Adrian David Cheok argues that entertainment as an end-product is useful for interactive play, however it is also a powerful tool for learning and communication and it is also a key driver for the development of information technology. This book explores the future of entertainment technologies used for communication and describes quantum step research. It will inform and inspire readers to create their own radical inventions and innovations that are not incremental, but which break through ideas and non-obvious solutions. One of the main explorations is the examination of how new forms of computer interaction can lead to radical new forms of technology and art for entertainment computing. Art and Technology of Entertainment Computing and Communication is an informative and inspirational text for students and the next generation of researchers. It’s main aim is to provide information that will hopefully help change the world and society for the better, through new modes of entertainment and communication. Academics, researchers, engineers, game designers, and interaction designers, will find the content both interesting and valuable. Entertainment is the "engine" to inspire people and drive innovation in interactive digital media design. The pioneer of the field, Prof. Adrian David Cheok, takes you on an exciting tour of the future shaped by the Entertainment Technologies. Hiroshi ISHII, Muriel R. Cooper Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Laboratory..

Performing Arts

Matchbox Theatre | Michael Frayn

Matchbox Theatre Pdf/ePub eBook Matchbox Theatre Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1696 | Ebook Reads: 1696 | File: Matchbox Theatre.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0571313949


Matchbox Theatre - Michael Frayn Preview:

Matchbox Theatre presents a miniature sketch show: thirty dialogues and monologues by Michael Frayn, to be played in the smallest theatre in the world - the theatre of your own imagination. Sir Geoffrye and Lady Hilarye, sleeping peacefully on their marble tomb these last six hundred years, are woken by the thump of rock music in the crypt beneath them... A gala performance of Shakespeare, and as a special treat the sponsor's guests are being wined and dined on stage as extras in the banquet scene... The eternal triangle in an airport departure lounge: two lovers and the flight announcements... The scripts are provided. Everything else - casting, set design, ice-cream sales - is up to the reader....


Wrestling in Britain | Benjamin Litherland

Wrestling in Britain Pdf/ePub eBook Wrestling in Britain Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1934 | Ebook Reads: 1934 | File: Wrestling in Britain.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1351180428


Wrestling in Britain - Benjamin Litherland Preview:

At the intersection of sport, entertainment and performance, wrestling occupies a unique position in British popular culture. This is the first book to offer a detailed historical and cultural analysis of British professional wrestling, exploring the shifting popularity of the sport as well as its wider social significance. Arguing that the history of professional wrestling can help us understand key themes in sport, culture and performance that span the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it addresses topics such as: attitudes towards violence, representations of masculinity, the media and celebrity culture, consumerism and globalisation. By drawing on a variety of intellectual traditions and disciplines, the book explores the role of power in the development of popular cultural forms, the ways in which history structures the present, and the manner in which audiences construct identity and meaning through sport. Wrestling in Britain: Sporting Entertainments, Celebrity and Audiences is fascinating reading for all students and researchers with an interest in media and cultural studies, histories and sociologies of sport, or performance studies..


Sacred Humanism without Miracles | R. Saltman

Sacred Humanism without Miracles Pdf/ePub eBook Sacred Humanism without Miracles Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1825 | Ebook Reads: 1825 | File: Sacred Humanism without Miracles.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1137012714


Sacred Humanism without Miracles - R. Saltman Preview:

The New Atheists' claim that religion always leads to fanaticism is baseless. State-backed religion results in tyranny. Sacred humanists work to implement their highest values that will improve this world; separation of church and state, eliminating denigration of nonbelievers, assuring just governance, and preventing human trafficking..


Spirits of Community | K. D. M. Snell

Spirits of Community Pdf/ePub eBook Spirits of Community Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 500 | Ebook Reads: 500 | File: Spirits of Community.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1474268862


Spirits of Community - K. D. M. Snell Preview:

Concern about the 'decline of community', and the theme of 'community spirit', are internationally widespread in the modern world. The English past has featured many representations of declining community, expressed by those who lamented its loss in quite different periods and in diverse genres. This book analyses how community spirit and the passing of community have been described in the past – whether for good or ill – with an eye to modern issues, such as the so-called 'loneliness epidemic' or the social consequences of alternative structures of community. It does this through examination of authors such as Thomas Hardy, James Wentworth Day, Adrian Bell and H.E. Bates, by appraising detective fiction writers, analysing parish magazines, considering the letter writing of the parish poor in the 18th and 19th centuries, and through the depictions of realist landscape painters such as George Morland. K. D. M. Snell addresses modern social concerns, showing how many current preoccupations had earlier precedents. In presenting past representations of declining communities, and the way these affected individuals of very different political persuasions, the book draws out lessons and examples from the past about what community has meant hitherto, setting into context modern predicaments and judgements about 'spirits of community' today..


Musical Theatre, Realism and Entertainment | Millie Taylor

Musical Theatre, Realism and Entertainment Pdf/ePub eBook Musical Theatre, Realism and Entertainment Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 741 | Ebook Reads: 741 | File: Musical Theatre, Realism and Entertainment.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1317091353


Musical Theatre, Realism and Entertainment - Millie Taylor Preview:

What is it about musical theatre that audiences find entertaining? What are the features that lead to its ability to stimulate emotional attachment, to move and to give pleasure? Beginning from the passion musical theatre performances arouse and their ubiquity in London's West End and on Broadway this book explores the ways in which musical theatre reaches out to and involves its audiences. It investigates how pleasure is stimulated by vocal, musical and spectacular performances. Early discussions centre on the construction of the composed text, but then attention is given to performance and audience response. Musical theatre contains disruptions and dissonances in its multiple texts, it allows gaps for audiences to read playfully. This combines with the voluptuous sensations of embodied emotion, contagiously and viscerally shared between audience and stage, and augmented through the presence of voice and music. A number of features are discovered in the construction of musical theatre performance texts that allow them to engage the intense emotional attachment of their audiences and so achieve enormous popularity. In doing this, the book challenges the conception of musical theatre as 'only entertainment'. Entertainment instead becomes a desirable, ephemeral and playful concept..

Performing Arts

Civic Performance | J. Caitlin Finlayson,Amrita Sen

Civic Performance Pdf/ePub eBook Civic Performance Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1024 | Ebook Reads: 1024 | File: Civic Performance.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1315392682


Civic Performance - J. Caitlin Finlayson,Amrita Sen Preview:

Civic Performance: Pageantry and Entertainments in Early Modern London brings together a group of essays from across multiple fields of study that examine the socio-cultural, political, economic, and aesthetic dimensions of pageantry in sixteenth and seventeenth-century London. This collection engages with modern interest in the spectacle and historical performances of pageantry and entertainments, including royal entries, progresses, coronation ceremonies, Lord Mayor’s Shows, and processions. Through a discussion of the extant texts, visual records, archival material, and emerging projects in the digital humanities, the chapters elucidate the forms in which the period itself recorded its public rituals, pageantry, and ephemeral entertainments. The diversity of approaches contained in these chapters reflects the collaborative nature of pageantry and civic entertainments, as well as the broad socio-cultural resonances of this form of drama, and in doing so offers a study that is multi-faceted and wide-ranging, much like civic performance itself. Ideal for scholars of Early Modern global politics, economics, and culture; literary and performance studies; print culture; and the digital humanities, Civic Performance casts a new lens on street pageantry and entertainments in the historically and culturally significant locus of Early Modern London..