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    Review I just got into adult coloring books to help me relax after going through two major surgeries. I'm really glad these are not tiny and are very easy to color making it relaxing not frustrating. The animal creations in this adult coloring book are fun and whimsical and a joy to be a part of . Anyone looking fora fun relaxing adult coloring experience in any art medium from crayons to colored pencils to paints or markers will truly enjoy doing so in this book. What's especially nice is that while you're doing the coloring you can tear it away out of the book for easier coloring without ripping the page. The book is designed to allow you to take each page out carefully, color it as you want , making it unique and then being able to frame it for gift giving or in your own home,Great Coloring book especially for people who love animals and love real artwork. It has a lot of patterns but the animals are not cartoonish. They are drawn with a sense of realism but with a decorative quality. There are 46 pages to color. The backside is blank. Each page is 8.5 in x 11in. Here are some of the images.The designs are quite intricate and some have a bit of gray scale shading already added to them. I like to use my Tombow water-based markers on this type of area to let the already done shading work with the color I have chosen. This type of coloring reminds me when 'colorizing' black and white photos was popular a number of years ago. It is very much a similar concept. Read more From the Author This coloring book was created for adults and children who love to color intricate designs and patterns and also love creating works of art. This book consists of a variety of animals drawn in a realistic way but with an element of simplicity. I have been drawing animals since the age of 3 so I love creating all kinds of animals for you to be creative with. If you're an animal lover, you will absolutely love this book. Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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