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    This twelve-book box set of sweet, clean, Amish romance stories contains some of the most popular books by Rebekah Fisher, including two series. Also includes two brand new, never released books! Join along with each girl as she discovers God's ultimate path. There will be times of trials and tears, unexpected turns, and joy as she trusts God and finds love.This Special Collection contains:Three Amish Sisters SeriesThis is a sweet series about three Amish sisters and each one's journey. Their father has been seriously injured in a farming accident and can no longer work. Each sister decides to find a job to help support the family. They will face trials and must have faith. See how God works in their situation and how they find love along the way...Book 1-Rebecca's JourneyBook 2-Emma's JourneyBook 3-Beth's JourneyLove Hidden in Plain SightGrace has just lost her parents due to a horrible buggy accident. She is left with the carnation farm her father ran. Her two older brothers live several hours away and have no interest in taking over the farm and try to convince her to sell it. After much thought, she determines she will run the farm and that it will be successful. As the farm begins to prosper, she finds herself falling in love with a man. However, an unexpected circumstance arises, and she is left torn....An Amish Heart of HopeSusanna's family has received a letter from her Englisch aunt requesting help - she needs someone to care for her after her surgery. Her father decides God would want them to help so it is decided that Susanna is the one to go. Find out how this visit changes the course of her life forever.The Horse TrainerKatie feels like her life is ruined – she's facing an arranged marriage to Thomas Trumbauer. All Katie knows is that he's stern, distant, and well-to-do with his horse training business.When Katie and Thomas meet, it certainly doesn't go well. While Katie has her concerns about Thomas, Thomas is just as concerned about marrying Katie. They both question their parents' judgment. However, an unexpected event occurs and now Katie and Thomas must face a difficult decision.God's Unforeseen Path SeriesThis sweet series revolves around a girl named Sarah Schrock. Follow along with her as she chooses to walk the path that God has for her, as difficult as it may seem. Share her tears of joy as well as her tears during trials and grief in this series as she learns to surrender and trust God in a deep way. Through it all, she finds God faithful. Book 1: Sarah's Change of HeartBook 2: Sarah's Testing of TrialsBook 3: Sarah's Restoration of FaithSurprised by HopeAbigail was born with a disability that causes her to rely on a brace and a crutch to get around. She meets a new young man in town, Jeremiah, who is captivated by her strength, and character. But her parents decide it is best if Jeremiah does not court their daughter, especially with her disability. And just when her situation couldn't possibly get any worse, it does...can she trust God?Love Finds a Way) (Never before released)A sweet story about a girl, Deborah, whose face and hands are scarred due to a house fire, the girls beloved horse, and Elijah, who is failing to convince the girl that her outer appearance isn't important to him. An Unexpected Destiny (Never before released)Sarah, who has left the Amish and has been living among the English for several years, receives a letter stating that her parents had been killed in an accident, leaving behind her four young siblings whom she now must raise. She finds that her father left her the farm but there is a clause stating that she cannot sell. Sarah's life is turned upside down as she must make decisions regarding the children, her fiance, and her father's farmhand. Find out how God works everything out for good, although the path is difficult, and she must turn to God.

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