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    Outspoken schoolteacher, Sarah Peachey, has difficulty controlling her words - her mouth moves before her mind can stop it! No Amish man would want to marry her, would they? After all, she has already put off most of the local men at the singings with her strong, opinionated manner. Step forward local newspaper reporter, Daniel Richards, who arrives in the Amish Community to investigate a series of arson attacks.Sarah can’t help but be drawn to his friendly, outgoing character - and the feeling is most definitely mutual.Meanwhile, Sarah has a secret admirer from within her own community in the form of the quiet, thoughtful but introverted, Abraham Yoder.Can Abraham persuade Sarah that he is the right man for her?Or, will Sarah be blindsided by the charismatic and fascinating Daniel who appears to be more of a match for her untempered ways?Find Out Now - Get Your Copy of Amish Burning Love - Today!

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