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    If I keep her, there’s no going back.Officer Samantha NoellIn the blink of an eye, I’m head-first in a snowdrift, rescued by the biggest, greenest—man?—I’ve ever seen. Whatever he is, he turns my take-no-crap attitude into need. I should escape, but I’ve got a hunch that I’m close to solving a cold case involving several women who disappeared into thin air.VemloxMy plan is foolproof. Fetch the Omega and hand her over to Montar, thus sealing Loven’s alliance between Guardians and Horde. Thanks to a glitchy space gate, I’m stuck in a freezing cave with something that’s turned the simple delivery into a suicide mission. An Omega I must not want and can never have.Unfortunately, she’s going into heat. And Serpent help me, I will betray the Horde and starve on a pole if only to keep her.

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