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    Pastor Elmore has been a Pastor for over 30 years and married to the same woman for that same amount of time. Years of conniving and manipulation has gotten him a council seat and head pastor appointment, not by his hands but at the hands of his wife.Henrietta is determined to maintain her clout and status by any means necessary. She is no stranger to doing what and who she has to do to get what she wants. On the verge of losing her husband and her status due to her husband's affair, she is thrown into a whirlwind that may leave her exposed.Henrietta is not the type to take things lying down. On the outside, she displays the perfect First Lady, but on the inside lies a woman that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. As the walls begin to tumble around her, will she be able to rebuild and save face.Adulterated Lust is the beginning of a series that will examine the inner workings of the Lust, Greed and a hunger for power. This first installment, Sins of a First Lady opens the series with more twist, turns, and scandal than you can imagine.

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