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    Elizabeth Stanton is as shy as they come but not even that could keep her from Robert. When it came to him, there was this undeniable attraction like a moth to a flame but everyone knows how fatal it is for the moth when it reaches the flame. That’s why her best friend Jasmine warned her to stay away from him but couldn’t tell her why without revealing a secret of her own.Jasmine Lett has learned something about herself that she can use to help her best friend but she risks being found out by her parents who hunt and kill people with powers like hers. What’s a girl to do when the only way that she can help her best friend is to step in the line of fire?Jerome Stevens has had his eyes on Robert and his family for a long time waiting on the perfect time to get his revenge. It isn’t until he sees how Robert looks at Elizabeth that he knows exactly what to do. He knows that killing her will break his heart and killing Robert’s crew will break his pockets. With the perfect plan in motion, Jerome sets out to take over the city that is rightfully his.

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