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    Valentine's Day is considered a day of love. What about the people who've had their hearts broken to the point of no return? Some easily get over heartbreak, while others seek out revenge. Biggs Publishing Group is proud to present you with something different for your reading pleasure. The stories will captivate your mind as you read how love often goes wrong and can end with a bang.Taking you on an emotional rollercoaster, Author Shawnte Henderson introduces you to the suave and debonair King of Hearts, Julian King. Julian is the kind of man that'll have you calling your significant other and telling them, "I ain't ever coming home". He's certainly the ultimate panty wetter, but you'd better think twice before crossing him.Next, the Libra King brings you the loving and caring, J’won Kendricks. He’s the man with a heart of gold, but few women actually appreciate "the good guy". He lives by the motto “A Heart for a Heart”, so being unloyal to him would not be wise.Mz. Biggs introduces you to Ja’Marius James. At the age of 12, he wonders what it’s like to be loved. Being a victim of bullying quickly becomes overrated and he’s ready to make a change. How far is he willing to go to see that change happen when he’s been Dying To Be Loved?Kandy Kaine brings you Julissa. Three times the charm, but not for unlucky JuJu. After three failed attempts of searching for love, only to find herself heartbroken, she’s out for revenge. But how much does that revenge cost those who harmed her when she decides to Take Back Her Valentine’s?Get ready because you’re in for a treat. A Killer Valentine’s is one you won’t forget.....

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