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You will never think of your mother the same way after you read this book. Already an international sensation and a bestseller that has sold over 1.5 million copies in the author's native Korea, Please Look After Mom is a stunning, deeply moving story of a family's search for their missing mother — and their discovery of the desires, heartaches and secrets they never realized she harbored within. When sixty-nine-year-old So-nyo is separated from her husband among the crowds of the Seoul subway station, and vanishes, their children are consumed with loud recriminations, and are awash in sorrow and guilt. As they argue over the "Missing" flyers they are posting throughout the city — how large of a reward to offer, the best way to phrase the text — they realize that none of them have a recent photograph of Mom. Soon a larger question emerges: do they really know the woman they called Mom? Told by the alternating voices of Mom's daughter, son, her husband and, in the shattering conclusion, by Mom herself, the novel pieces together, Rashomon-style, a life that appears ordinary but is anything but. This is a mystery of one mother that reveals itself to be the mystery of all our mothers: about her triumphs and disappointments and about who she is on her own terms, separate from who she is to her family. If you have ever been a daughter, a son, a husband or a mother, Please Look After Mom is a revelation — one that will bring tears to your eyes..


The Court Dancer: A Novel | Kyung-Sook Shin

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Set during the dramatic final years of the Korean Empire, the new novel from Man Asian Literary Prize winner Kyung-Sook Shin features a mysterious dancer caught up in the dizzying sweep of history. Based on a remarkable true story, the New York Times bestselling author of Please Look After Mom brilliantly images the life of Yi Jin, an orphan who would fall under the affections of the Empress and become a jewel in the late Joseon Court. When a novice French diplomat arrives for an audience with the Emperor, he is enraptured by the Joseon Dynasty’s magnificent culture, then at its zenith. But all fades away when he sees Yi Jin perform the delicate traditional Dance of the Spring Oriole. Though well aware that women of the court belong to the palace, the young diplomat confesses his love to the Emperor, and gains permission for Yi Jin to accompany him back to France. A world away in Belle Epoque Paris, Yi Jin lives a free, independent life, away from the gilded cage of the court, and begins translating and publishing Joseon literature into French with another Korean student. But even in this new world, great sorrow awaits her. Yi Jin’s grieving and suffering is only amplified by homesickness and a longing for her oldest friend. But her homecoming was not a happy one. Betrayal, jealousy, and intrigue abound, culminating with the tragic assassination of the last Joseon empress—and the poisoned pages of a book. Rich with historic detail and filled with luminous characters, Korea’s most beloved novelist brings a lost era to life in a story that will resonate long after the final page..

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وكأنه.. قد حدث | عوني عبد الصادق

وكأنه.. قد حدث Pdf/ePub eBook وكأنه.. قد حدث Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1842 | Ebook Reads: 1842 | File: وكأنه.. قد حدث.pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


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هذا الكتاب هو رواية بعنوان ``وكأنه.. قد حدث``، فعلى مسرح أحداث هذه الرواية، وفي لحظات كثيرة تقمص الكاتب شخصية هذا العربي ``عثمان بن الحويرث`` وملأه إحساس بأنه هو.. نعم هو الملك الذى تصور حتى لحظة مماته الدرامي، بأنه قد امتلك مكة وصار ملكًا على الصحراء..


حقائق عن كوريا | وزارة الثقافة والرياضة والسياحة

حقائق عن كوريا Pdf/ePub eBook حقائق عن كوريا Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 921 | Ebook Reads: 921 | File: حقائق عن كوريا.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 8973755854


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الاقتصاد الكوري في العالم - معجزة نهر هان الاقتصاد الرأسمالي المفتوح قائد العلامات التجارية والمعيار الكوري جهود النمو الدولي العلاقات بين الكوريتين الخلفية التاريخية لانقسام كوريا إلى الجنوب والشمال الانضمام المشترك بين الكوريتين إلى الأمم المتحدة التبادل والتعاون بين الكوريتين الجهود الرامية إلى استقرار السلام المواقع ذات الصلة على الانترنت مصادر الصور الفوتوغرافية التاريخ بدايات تاريخ البلاد )العصر ما قبل التاريخ – كوجوسون( ميلاد الممالك الثلاث وغيرها من الدول عصر المملكتين الجنوبية والشمالية : مملكتا شيلا المتحدة وبال هيه عصر مملكة كوريو عصر مملكة جوسون انهيار مملكة جوسون والاحتلال الياباني الامبراطوري لكوريا النضال من أجل الاستقلال التحول إلى دولة ديمقراطية ومتقدمة اقتصاديا الحكومة الدستور السلطة التنفيذية والسلطة التشريعية والسلطة القضائية المنظمات المستقلة الحكومة المحلية العلاقات الدولية السياحة التراث التاريخي للعاصمة سول مناطق الجذب السياحي ومراكز التسوق شوارع الشباب الاستجمام في الطبيعية مناطق الجذب السياحي خارج مدينة سول قرى هانوك المهرجانات الرئيسية في كوريا الرياضة سرّ وأساس القوة الرياضية الكورية دورة سيول الصيفية للألعاب الأولمبية الشتوية للعام 1988 بطولة كأس العالم لكرة القدم للعام 2002 مناصفة بين كوريا واليابان بطولة ألعاب القوى العالمية للعام 2011 دورة لندن الصيفية للألعاب الأولمبية للعام 2012 دورة بيونغ تشانغ الشتوية للألعاب الأولمبية للعام 2018 تيه كون دو الحياة هانبوك )الملابس الكورية التقليدية( هانسيك )الطعام الكوري( هان اوك الأعياد التقليدية والأيام الاحتفالية وغيرها الديانة المجتمع كوريا - ملخص التعليم- البحوث- الصناعة نظام العمل والرفاهية التحول إلى مجتمع متعدد الثقافات الثقافة الآثار الثقافية الكورية المسجلة في قائمة اليونسكو الفنون التقليدية هاليو (الموجة الكورية).


The Last Secret of the Temple | Paul Sussman

The Last Secret of the Temple Pdf/ePub eBook The Last Secret of the Temple Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1491 | Ebook Reads: 1491 | File: The Last Secret of the Temple.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9781555848804


The Last Secret of the Temple - Paul Sussman Preview:

An ancient secret threatens to unleash a modern war in this international-bestselling “thriller on par with the best literature out there” (James Rollins). Jerusalem, 70 AD: As the invading Romans destroy the Holy Temple, a young Jewish boy is hidden away—chosen as the guardian of a great secret. And for seventy generations, the secret is kept safe . . . But now, in order to ignite a new conflict between Israel and the Arab world, a Jewish radical is prepared to reveal what has been hidden for centuries. The only ones who can stop the coming bloodshed are a beautiful young Palestinian journalist and two detectives—one Israeli, one Egyptian—in an unlikely alliance. As their separate searches for the truth intertwine, they discover there are some in this war-torn region who believe true peace can only be found in death . . . Full of the detail and in-depth knowledge only a bestselling author and true-life archaeologist could deliver, this is a “tightly-plotted, richly-observed, thought-provoking thriller” (Raymond Khoury). “Sussman, an archeologist, puts in plenty of satisfying twists and turns, and grounds the story in the violence and intrigue of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” —Publishers Weekly.


The Boy Who Escaped Paradise: A Novel | J. M. Lee

The Boy Who Escaped Paradise: A Novel Pdf/ePub eBook The Boy Who Escaped Paradise: A Novel Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1495 | Ebook Reads: 1495 | File: The Boy Who Escaped Paradise: A Novel.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1681772930


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An astonishing story of the mysteries, truths, and deceptions that follow the odyssey of Ahn Gil­mo, a young math savant, as he escapes from the most isolated country in the world and searches for the only family he has left An unidentified body is discovered in New York City, with numbers and symbols are written in blood near the corpse. Gil­mo, a North Korean national who interprets the world through numbers, formulas, and mathematical theories, is arrested on the spot. Angela, a CIA operative, is assigned to gain his trust and access his unique thought-process. The enigmatic Gil­mo used to have a quiet life back in Pyongyang. But when his father, a preeminent doctor is discovered to be a secret Christian, he is subsequently incarcerated along with Gilmo, in a political prison overseen by a harsh, cruel warden. There, Gilmo meets the spirited Yeong-ae, who becomes his only friend. When Yeong-­ae manages to escape, Gil­mo flees to track her down. He uses his peculiar gifts to navigate betrayal and the criminal underworld of east Asia—a world wholly alien to everything he's ever known. In The Boy Who Escaped Paradise, celebrated author J. M. Lee delves into a hidden world filled with vivid characters trapped by ideology, greed, and despair. Gil­mo's saga forces the reader to question the line between good and evil, truth and falsehood, captivity and freedom..

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لسان قلمي بريء | نورة طاع الله

لسان قلمي بريء Pdf/ePub eBook لسان قلمي بريء Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1276 | Ebook Reads: 1276 | File: لسان قلمي بريء.pdf/epub | ISBNCode:


لسان قلمي بريء - نورة طاع الله Preview:

رواية لسان قلمي بريء لنورة طاع الله .، صدر عن دار حروف منثورة للنشر الإلكتروني،يقع العمل في 140 صفحة وهي رواية تجسد الخلفيات الخفية من وجهة نظر الكاتب للربيع العربي وثوارات بعض الدول العربية من خلال شخوص العمل الذين يجسدون هذه الفكرة من خلال أحداث العمل، للمراسلة بأعمالكم على الإيميل التالي: [email protected]

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The Art of People | Dave Kerpen

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The Art of People - Dave Kerpen Preview:

What does it take to win success and influence? Some people think that in today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s the tough, take-no-prisoners type who comes out on top. But in reality, argues New York Times bestselling author Dave Kerpen, it’s actually those with the best people skills who win the day. Those who build the right relationships. Those who truly understand and connect with their colleagues, their customers, their partners. Those who can teach, lead, and inspire. In a world where we are constantly connected, and social media has become the primary way we communicate, the key to getting ahead is being the person others like, respect, and trust. Because no matter who you are or what profession you're in, success is contingent less on what you can do for yourself, but on what other people are willing to do for you. Here, through 53 bite-sized, easy-to-execute, and often counterintuitive tips, you’ll learn to master the 11 People Skills that will get you more of what you want at work, at home, and in life. For example, you’ll learn: · The single most important question you can ever ask to win attention in a meeting · The one simple key to networking that nobody talks about · How to remain top of mind for thousands of people, everyday · Why it usually pays to be the one to give the bad news · How to blow off the right people · And why, when in doubt, buy him a Bonsai A book best described as “How to Win Friends and Influence People for today’s world,” The Art of People shows how to charm and win over anyone to be more successful at work and outside of it..


Velocity | Dean Koontz

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Velocity - Dean Koontz Preview:

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This ebook edition contains a special preview of Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner. If you don’t take this note to the police . . . I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. . . . If you do . . . I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours. The typewritten note under his windshield seems like just a sick joke. But in less than twenty-four hours, Billy Wiles, an ordinary, hardworking guy, is about to see his life take on the speed of a nightmare. Because a young blond schoolteacher is murdered—and now Billy has another note. And another deadline. This time he knows it’s no joke. He’s racing a killer faster than evil itself. And Billy must accept his terrifying challenge: The choice is yours. Think fast. Fear never slows down. . . ..


The Day the Leader Was Killed | Naguib Mahfouz

The Day the Leader Was Killed Pdf/ePub eBook The Day the Leader Was Killed Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 763 | Ebook Reads: 763 | File: The Day the Leader Was Killed.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0307483614


The Day the Leader Was Killed - Naguib Mahfouz Preview:

From the Nobel Prize laureate and author of the acclaimed Cairo Trilogy, a beguiling and artfully compact novel set in Sadat's Egypt. The time is 1981, Anwar al-Sadat is president, and Egypt is lurching into the modern world. Set against this backdrop, The Day the Leader Was Killed relates the tale of a middle-class Cairene family. Rich with irony and infused with political undertones, the story is narrated alternately by the pious and mischievous family patriarch Muhtashimi Zayed, his hapless grandson Elwan, and Elwan's headstrong and beautiful fiancee Randa. The novel reaches its climax with the assassination of Sadat on October 6, 1981, an event around which the fictional plot is skillfully woven. The Day the Leader Was Killed brings us the essence of Mahfouz's genius and is further proof that he has, in the words of the Nobel citation, "formed an Arabic narrative art that applies to all mankind.".

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The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People | David Brown

The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People Pdf/ePub eBook The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1572 | Ebook Reads: 1572 | File: The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1628731567


The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People - David Brown Preview:

In The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People, David Brown pinpoints the seven principles of relationship building that are crucial to creating a successful working environment. Brown breaks down each principle by providing easy to understand instructions and universally applicable management skills. Brown’s philosophy is to approach work place discord as a problem from both a managerial and lower level perspective. He offers advice on how to treat employees, while at the same time asking leaders to reflect and make self-adjustments which will facilitate a more efficient work space. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of how their employees view management personnel, what leadership skills are most effective, and how to ensure two-way communication. Using Brown’s tried and true tools, anyone can learn to focus on how to motivate, establish trust, and form a psychological contract. Numerous case studies throughout allow readers to observe the concrete application of Brown’s suggestions in real-life scenarios and complex situations, such as mergers and staff integration, information management, and more. In addition, The Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People provides readers with skills drawn from an understanding of the basic fundamentals of human behavior..


The Husband | Dean Koontz

The Husband Pdf/ePub eBook The Husband Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1693 | Ebook Reads: 1693 | File: The Husband.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0307414329


The Husband - Dean Koontz Preview:

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Dean Koontz's The City. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER We have your wife. You get her back for two million cash. On an ordinary afternoon, an ordinary man, a gardener of modest means, gets a phone call out of his worst nightmare. The caller is dead serious. He doesn’t care that Mitch can’t raise that kind of money. If she’s everything to you, then you’ll find a way. Mitch loves his wife more than life itself. He’s got sixty hours to prove it. He has to find the two million by then. But he’ll pay a lot more. He’ll pay anything..


Confessions | Rabee Jaber

Confessions Pdf/ePub eBook Confessions Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1087 | Ebook Reads: 1087 | File: Confessions.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0811220680


Confessions - Rabee Jaber Preview:

A powerful thriller about trauma and forgiveness, from the winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction During the violence and chaos of the Lebanese Civil War, a car pulls up to a roadblock on a narrow side street in Beirut. After a brief and confused exchange, several rounds of bullets are fired into the car, killing everyone inside except for a small boy of four or five. The boy is taken to the hospital, adopted by one of the assassins, and raised in a new family. “My father used to kidnap and kill people …” begins this haunting tale of a child who was raised by the murderer of his real family. The narrator of Confessions doesn’t shy away from the horrible truth of his murderous father—instead he confronts his troubled upbringing and seeks to understand the distortions and complexities of his memories, his war-torn country, and the quiet war that rages inside of him..


Army of Shadows | Hillel Cohen

Army of Shadows Pdf/ePub eBook Army of Shadows Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 638 | Ebook Reads: 638 | File: Army of Shadows.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9780520933989


Army of Shadows - Hillel Cohen Preview:

Inspired by stories he heard in the West Bank as a child, Hillel Cohen uncovers a hidden history in this extraordinary and beautifully written book—a history central to the narrative of the Israel-Palestine conflict but for the most part willfully ignored until now. In Army of Shadows, initially published in Israel to high acclaim and intense controversy, he tells the story of Arabs who, from the very beginning of the Arab-Israeli encounter, sided with the Zionists and aided them politically, economically, and in security matters. Based on newly declassified documents and research in Zionist, Arab, and British sources, Army of Shadows follows Bedouins who hosted Jewish neighbors, weapons dealers, pro-Zionist propagandists, and informers and local leaders who cooperated with the Zionists, and others to reveal an alternate history of the mandate period with repercussions extending to this day. The book illuminates the Palestinian nationalist movement, which branded these "collaborators" as traitors and persecuted them; the Zionist movement, which used them to undermine Palestinian society from within and betrayed them; and the collaborators themselves, who held an alternate view of Palestinian nationalism. Army of Shadows offers a crucial new view of history from below and raises profound questions about the roots of the Israel-Palestine conflict..


The Interpreter | Suki Kim

The Interpreter Pdf/ePub eBook The Interpreter Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 706 | Ebook Reads: 706 | File: The Interpreter.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9781429923781


The Interpreter - Suki Kim Preview:

A striking first novel about the dark side of the American Dream Suzy Park is a twenty-nine-year-old Korean American interpreter for the New York City court system. Young, attractive, and achingly alone, she makes a startling and ominous discovery during one court case that forever alters her family's history. Five years prior, her parents--hardworking greengrocers who forfeited personal happiness for their children's gain--were brutally murdered in an apparent robbery of their fruit and vegetable stand. Or so Suzy believed. But the glint of a new lead entices Suzy into the dangerous Korean underworld, and ultimately reveals the mystery of her parents' homicide. An auspicious debut about the myth of the model Asian citizen, The Interpreter traverses the distance between old worlds and new, poverty and privilege, language and understanding..

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Adventure Against the Endermen | Danica Davidson

Adventure Against the Endermen Pdf/ePub eBook Adventure Against the Endermen Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1159 | Ebook Reads: 1159 | File: Adventure Against the Endermen.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 1510727086


Adventure Against the Endermen - Danica Davidson Preview:

After discovering a portal to Earth and battling the evil Herobrine and his army of vicious mobs, Steve and his friends are known throughout the Overworld as heroes. Stevie’s enjoying the attention—that is, until he tries to show off and instead falls down a mineshaft. At the bottom of the mineshaft, Stevie finds an Ender crystal with mysterious powers. Soon the Overworld is in danger once again, this time from vicious Endermen! Mayor Alexandra summons Stevie, Alex, Maison, Yancy, and Destiny to try and stop the attacks. When the friends investigate, they quickly realize that the Endermen are looking for something. Could it be Stevie’s Ender crystal? Soon the group of friends—now an Overworld task force—are caught up in a battle larger than any they could have imagined. Can they protect the world of Minecraft from Endermen—and the larger threat of the crystal? Fans of Minecraft will race to the end of this first installment in the Unofficial Overworld Heroes Adventure series by Danica Davidson!.


The Course of Love | Alain De Botton

The Course of Love Pdf/ePub eBook The Course of Love Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 608 | Ebook Reads: 608 | File: The Course of Love.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 0771027621


The Course of Love - Alain De Botton Preview:

In Edinburgh, a couple, Rabih and Kirsten, fall in love. They get married, they have children -- but no relationship is as simple as "happily ever after." The Course of Love is a novel that explores what happens after the birth of love, what it takes to maintain love, and what happens to our original ideals under the pressures of an average existence. With philosophical insight and psychological acumen, Alain de Botton shows that our Romantic dreams may do us a grave disservice -- and explores what the alternatives might be. The conclusion, as the characters gradually discover, is that love is not "an enthusiasm," but rather a "skill" that must be slowly and often painfully learnt. This is a Romantic novel in the true sense, one interested in exploring how love can survive and thrive in the long term..


رسائل سبتمبر.. رواية من الأدب الزيمبابوي | بيروني رحيم,سيد عمر

رسائل سبتمبر.. رواية من الأدب الزيمبابوي Pdf/ePub eBook رسائل سبتمبر.. رواية من الأدب الزيمبابوي Pdf ebook download. Number Downloads: 1453 | Ebook Reads: 1453 | File: رسائل سبتمبر.. رواية من الأدب الزيمبابوي.pdf/epub | ISBNCode: 9773194698


رسائل سبتمبر.. رواية من الأدب الزيمبابوي - بيروني رحيم,سيد عمر Preview:

"أين يمكنك أن تبدأ بتشكيل حياة كاملة؟ الأجزاء ليست متوافقة دائمًا. العديد منها مفقود، أو مُقترض.. من حيوات أشخاص آخرين وذكرياتهم وألغازهم. أين البداية عندما تكون لديك النهاية فقط لتبدأ بها؟". كل هذه التساؤلات تطرحها بطلة الرواية.. "إيلي". فتاة صغيرة تروي لنا عن أسرتها وحياتها في زيمبابوي، وتروي عن جدتها التي شكلت وعيها وما أصبحت عليه البطلة عندما كبرت. تبدأ حكايتها عندما كانت طفلة صغيرة تجلس مع عائلتها بعد الظهر لشرب الشاي عندما أُعلن استقلال زيمبابوي، وانفصال جدتها عن جدها. رحلت جدتها، ومع رحيلها، بدأ عقل "إيلي" الصغيرة يمتلئ بتساؤلات وحيرة كبيرة. وتمر الأيام وتكبر "إيلي" وترحل بعيدًا عن زيمبابوي، ثم تعود مرة أخرى عند وفاة جدتها.. فتجد عشرات الرسائل التي خبأتها جدتها، وتبدأ في قراءتهم ظنًا منها بأنهم ربما يساعدونها على فهم تلك المرأة الغامضة.. لكنهم يزيدونها حيرة..